PUBG Rank Push Tips for Pro Players

push rank pubg

You feel that you are already proficient at playing PUBG, but when you push the PUBG Rank is still stagnant. If you experience the same thing, you can watch this discussion until it's finished. Indeed, the matter of pushing ranks or climbing ranks is not an easy matter.

If you do a push rank in the PUBG Mobile game, you must be mentally prepared because you will enter the battlefield and must be strong in defense. You have to be consistent and focused in the game so you don't get attacked by enemies.

It's no wonder that many PUBG players feel that the level rank is still stagnant. There are even those who are frustrated because the level rank continues to decrease.

PUBG Rank Push Tips To Level Up

On this occasion, we will explain some tips to be successful in pushing PUBG Mobile ranks. For more, see the following explanation:

  1. Avoid silly mistakes

Players die because they are not alert, forget to bring equipment, stand in the wrong location, and shoot randomly are mistakes that are often made by novice players.

So so that the rank level can go up, you need to be optimal in the game, don't let you do these things. One small example, when looting, make sure you are in a safe condition. Don't let your looting die ridiculous.

  1. Set comfortable controls and graphics

When it comes to gameplay settings, there is no best setting. So you can adjust the control settings yourself according to your comfort. If your graphics business doesn't need good graphics, what you still need is a high frame per second. This is so that your character can respond quickly to circumstances.

Then you can adjust the sensitivity according to the player's comfort, because each player has a different level of sensitivity. So you can experiment to set PUBG controls, so that later you will find the settings that suit your playing style.

  1. Choose to play Squad mode

For beginners, you can play Rank Squad mode even though you don't have a team to play with yet. At this beginner stage you can play Squad mode even if you are playing alone.

If you play alone, of course you need a strong mentality so that you are calmer when facing your enemies. Make sure you focus on defense so you can get to the end of the match.

  1. Practice to make the right decisions

In a PUBG Mobile match, anything can happen, so you must be trained in making decisions. You need to survive, loot and find the safest route. The key is not to panic easily so you can see where the enemy is.

So you are more confident in killing enemies and sharper in making decisions. If you want to survive in the PUBG game, try not to make small mistakes.

  1. Avoid the red zone

In the PUBG Mobile game, try to avoid the red zone. Remembering that this red zone will drop a bomb from above, if you get hit by this bomb it will endanger your character.

So if you are in the red zone, try to find a home or shelter immediately. This is so that you don't get hit by bombs and are targeted by enemy players.

Thus the explanation of some PUBG push rank tips for those whose level has dropped or stagnated. Hopefully with the tips above you can increase the rank level of the PUBG Mobile game. Besides that, try to avoid mistakes so you don't die silly.

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