The Right Time To Play World Of Warcraft

The Right Time To Play World Of Warcraft

Vicigers as we know that World of Warcraft has become a game that has been rooted in the lives of its many fans. During that time, World of Warcraft presented a lot of interesting lore, in addition, World of Warcraft also provided the latest expansion update, the Shadowlands expansion.

If you are a gamer who is familiar with the game MMORPG, being left behind is certainly one of the fears when you want to start or try MMORPG games again. But you don't need to be afraid because Blizzard has revamped the leveling mechanism to be much faster and more efficient. For those of you who want to buy the Shadowland expansion or try World of Warcraft, there's a trial up to level 20!

World Of Warcraft

  1. There is a New Map for Beginners

World Of Warcraft

Starting to play is a separate problem that beginners had to face when playing World of Warcraft. Where in the past the game put all players as people who already know the game.

But now World of Warcraft is changing that and presenting a special map called Exile's Reach. Exile Reach is the map that you will occupy during lvl 1-10. During that time, you will also be guided by all things about World of Warcraft.

World Of Warcraft

All UI, how to go through Quest, use Equipment, to do Dungeon with other players. All of this will really help players to understand how to play World of Warcraft more easily.

The story in Exile Reach itself will also be very suitable for beginners, because players will be faced with a connecting story from WoW before entering the story of the last expansion, namely Battle for Azeroth.

Max Level Streamlined, Leveling Shortened


Those of you who are just starting out don't need to be afraid of having to work hard or spend a lot of time leveling up. Because now the World of Warcraft level cap has been reduced from the initial 120 to 60. This of course shortens the leveling time very briefly.

As an illustration, players used to need to complete many expansions first, but now you only need to complete one expansion after that to be ready to experience the new Shadowlands content. Where new players will undergo the last expansion before Shadowlands, namely Battle for Azeroth and old or veteran players may choose which expansion they want to play to reach level 50.


This is also beneficial for those of you who want to try the Free Trial, because players can experience longer and more content than before. Because previously Free Trial players could experience leveling from level 1-20 when the level cap was still 120, now when level is 60 players can experience the game content much longer.

  1. All Aspects To Get Started Made Easier

World Of Warcraft Shadowlands

Overall the gameplay feels easier, the changes presented by Blizzard make the game feel much easier for beginners. Now that all quests are clear, navigation feels easier. You don't need to bother anymore with the confusion of completing quests, every NPC has clear explanations.

All mechanisms have also been arranged easily so that you can immediately enjoy the newest expansion of World of Warcraft Shadowlands. Talking about the latest expansions, many MMORPGs have certainly experienced new updates in their life's journey.

For Vicigers who want to try this game as a new player, this is precisely the right moment to start playing World of Warcraft. Because everyone will adapt to new content whether they are new players or old players.

So that it can be said that all players are just starting out. For those of you who don't know, when a new expansion comes World of Warcraft, there are usually many old players who will play again.

Wow Shadowlands Build

This is an open secret for the World of Warcraft community, there will be many questions in the chat column asking each other about how to experience the latest content and many players will also start leveling up to level 60. Because even veteran players have many subs characters who are still level 50.

Players who are just playing also don't need to be afraid of making a wrong move when playing. In the past, it was the players who chose the wrong hairstyle, skin color or something else. Will be very sorry and inevitably have to start a new character again. But now you can freely set your style in-game at any time. Through NPC Barber, you can freely control your character, you can even change your character's gender.

Those are all the reasons why now is the right time to start World of Warcraft. Many players and content creators have praised the arrival of this update, because the game has become more polished and better. Many aspects of the game are made much easier for beginners to digest. So for those of you who have just joined or want to play World of Warcraft again, it is highly recommended to return to this expansion. Interesting right?

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