Listen! Here's How to Restore FF Accounts with Garena Tickets!

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Garena FF tickets are currently being discussed by players Free Fire because with Garena FF Tickets players can restore their FF accounts that have been hacked by other people very easily.

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Garena FF Tickets

Garena Tickets or better known as Garena Help Support Free Fire is one of the services from Free Fire that provides users with information regarding questions and answers related to problems that often occur.

The problems that many people ask are related to accounts that have been lost due to being hacked, blocking or suspending those suspected of being cheaters, to payments, you can get all of that information at Garena Help Support Free Fire.

For those of you Free Fire players whose account was hacked by other irresponsible people, now you don't have to worry anymore because you can restore your account easily.

This feature provided by the developer is one of the features provided by Free Fire which can help players restore their hacked accounts easily.

Here's how to restore your Free Fire account using this feature!

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Terms of Using Garena Tickets

Garena Free Fire Tickets
How to Restore Hacked Accounts on Free Fire

Before using this feature, there are definitely conditions that you must follow. Following are the conditions for participating in the Garena Ticket feature:

  1. Includes Player ID
  2. nickname
  3. Bind Account
  4. Information before submitting a Garena Ticket
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Using Garena Tickets in the Free Fire Game

Garena FF Tickets
Free Fire. Source: Dunia Games

The following are the steps to restore your hacked account using this feature:

  1. Make sure your smartphone is connected to the internet, either WiFi or a data plan
  2. If so, you can access the service feature here.
  3. If so, you can fill in your data as follows:
    1. Games: Free Fire
    2. Category: Account
    3. Sub categories: The account was hacked
    4. Message content: You can fill in according to what you have completed before
      On other information, You can tell why your Free Fire account can be hacked
    5. Upload Files: Upload Fire in the form of your Free Fire Account Profile and your Diamond purchases.
  4. Finally, include SS & other Supporters.
  5. If so, click Submit.
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How to find out if the Free Fire account has been returned

garena tickets
Free Fire

If you have filled in the data above and followed the steps, you also have to monitor whether your application has been acceded or not. To find out about this, you can visit the related site here.

Through the site, you will be informed whether the status of your ticket shipment has been received or rejected. Previously, you should know that all forms of results that will be informed will be explained on that page.

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