Not many know, these are unique facts about Balmond Mobile Legends

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Balmond Mobile Legends is a hero who has many unique facts in the MLBB game. Not only fun to play, this hero is also one of the iconic and very powerful heroes presented by Moonton for players to use.

Since 2018, Balmond's popularity as a Mobile Legends hero has decreased, so that it is very rare for players to use Balmond in Mobile Legends as a team hero. Only a few players still frequently use this hero.

Maybe some of you still don't know about the unique facts about Balmond's hero in Mobile Legends. Therefore, we have summarized at least 8 unique facts about this hero that you should know!

Unique Facts About Balmond Mobile Legends

Not many people know about this unique fact. Here are the unique facts about Balmond Mobile Legends that you must know.

It Has Been Since the Mobile Legends Game Was Released


The first unique fact, Balmond Mobile Legends is a hero that has existed since the release of the Mobile Legends game, even when the server was still in beta. Besides, he is a very old hero. Unsurprisingly, Balmond is one of the most iconic heroes in MLBB.

Plagiarism Heroes

Balmond is one of the heroes who is said to be the result of plagiarism. This hero's skills are very similar to the champion called Darío in the game League Of Legends.

Meanwhile, Balmond's skin, called "Fury Primary", is very similar to Kratos from the movie God of War. When Balmond uses the default skin, it is very similar to the 'Ax' hero in Mobile Legends.

There were so many inspirations that made Balmond present in the Mobile Legends game, with this plagiarism, the Mobile Legends game finally changed Balmond's appearance to what it is now.

Always Be a Hero Shit

If Vicigers friends often see Mobile Legends advertisements, then you won't be weird about the presence of Balmond, who always has bad luck.

Starting from being rejected by his love and he also became a hero who was shot by a hero named Lesley in the advertisement. It seems that Balmond has never been told that he is lucky.

Doesn't Use Mana

When the Mobile Legends game was first released worldwide, Balmond was the first hero who didn't use mana points for each skill. Interesting facts about Balmond, it's very rare to know!

Skin Collector Delayed Up to Two Years

Collector skin hero Balmond, which was officially launched in 2021, is a skin designed in 2019. Balmond's skin itself was delayed for two years, while in a short time other hero skins, such as Granger, Yi Sun-Shin, Jawhead and others were released so quickly.

Maybe the reason is that Balmond was not very popular in 2019 to 2020, and decided to release the Balmond skin collector when there were a lot of users in 2021. 

Cheapest Heroes

The next and most interesting fact is that Balmond is a very cheap hero.

You only need to collect 6500 Battle Points (BP). Very cheap for a strong hero in the Mobile Legends game from 2018 to 2021.

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Skill 2 Balmond Can Only Be Canceled with Knock Up and Freeze Effects

Interestingly, skill 2 Balmond cannot be easily canceled. You have to give special effects from crowd control, namely knock and freeze effects.

Then, when an enemy hero comes to Balmond, make sure to use a hero with this skill. Apart from these two crowd control effects, Balmond's 2 skills cannot be canceled. 

Youtuber Gaming Favorite Hero

If you are a gaming YouTuber viewer, the names MiawAug and Michael Souw are Youtubers who like to use Balmond. Both use Balmond as their favorite hero in the Mobile Legends game.

MiawAug once mentioned that Balmond is his favorite hero. Apart from that, a Youtuber named Michael Souw is a Top Global 1 Balmond user in 2018. He also makes Balmond which is quite popular for use in Mobile Legends.

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So, those were some unique facts about Balmond that many Mobile Legends players don't know. Of all the facts above, Vicigers friends already know which ones?

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