Let's Join VCGamers Community Gathering #CommunityVCGSolid: WFM Solo MLBB November 2021!

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For you gamers who live in the Tebet area and its surroundings, be happy! Because of what? Because VCGamers will hold Weekly Fun Match/WFM Solo MLBB which will be held offline at a coffee shop in the Tebet area, South Jakarta.

Surely we are all grateful, yes, the Enforcement of Restrictions on Community Activities / PPKM is now at its lowest level, namely level 1! It's really cool that the citizens of Jakarta are now almost able to carry out their normal activities without many restrictions, eh, but still carry out the health program, OK?

So, welcome to that VCGamers Also don't miss this moment! Of course, while still paying attention to health protocols, we will again be holding an offline tournament at the gathering this time so you can play together face to face, it's fun, isn't it?

This time, VCGamers powered by Tonghuis and EXShop to host the WFM Solo MLBB tournament this November 2021.

Tong Huis x EXShop x VCGamers WFM Solo MLBB

Already know yet, who the heck TongHuis and EXShop? Let's not be curious, let's just inform you. EXShop is one of the sellers in VCGamers Marketplace which sells various kinds of your online game digital needs, so for those who need to top up UC PUBGM, MLBB, CODM, LoL, and others, just visit EXShop in VCGamers.

Whereas Tonghuis is one of the coffee shops in the Tebet area, to be precise at Tebet Dalam IF No.4, RT.3/RW.1, Tebet Barat, Kec. Tebet, South Jakarta, DKI Jakarta – 12810.

You will find a comfortable coffee shop atmosphere and great coffee concoctions here. So, don't forget to try the coffee and snacks later, so I'll add GG later when it's time for the tournament!

So, for you Vicigers who intend to register for this tournament, make sure to write down the address so you don't stray to the location!

Weekly Fun Match/WFM Solo MLBB – VCGamers x Tong Huis x EXShop

WFM Solo MLBB VCGamers x Tong Huis x EXShop

Tournament Details

Open Registration:Now – November 12, 2021
Matchday:November 13, 2021
Open Slots:50 Participants
Registration Fee:IDR 10.000,-

This gathering event will be held on the day Saturday, November 13, 2021, starting at 12 noon until finished. Oh yeah, don't forget to register, because the open registration will end one day earlier, on the day Friday, November 12, 2021.

Even though the tournament location can accommodate more than the capacity of participants, however, we also don't want it to be too crowded and crowded, so for this gathering, we limit it to only 50 participants.

So, for those of you who really want to join the gathering together VCGamers, just click on this registration link https://bit.ly/GatheringVCG and buy the ticket.

If you don't have an account yet VCGamers, you can read the complete guide below.

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Registration Fee

Tournament registration fee WFM Solo MLBB at the gathering this time only IDR 10.000,- Just! Yes, you heard right, only 10 thousand rupiah and you can get fried rice/french fries & lemon tea.

Ten thousand rupiahs can eat, drink, tournament tickets, and door prizes, where else, if not at VCGamers!

PrizePool & DoorPrize

1st:IDR 250.000,-+e-Certificate
2nd:IDR 150.000,-+e-Certificate
3rd:IDR 100.000,-+e-Certificate

Besides there PrizePool for first to third place, take it easy for those who haven't won, don't be discouraged, because you still have a chance to win DoorPrize art a total of 1 million rupiah!

DoorPrizes will be divided for 10 lucky people who can win games, sweepstakes, or make the cutest Instagram posts/stories by mentioning VCGamers, Tong Huis, and of course EXShop!

Contact Person

For more information, you can directly contact @Leoz in Discord VCGamers, or via Tel./SMS/WhatsApp on number +6287773280301.

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Important Information!

I'm very sorry, for those of you who are not registered for the tournament at VCGamers Community Gathering, you are not allowed to enter the coffee shop area, Vicigers. This is done so that the situation and conditions remain conducive, thank you for your understanding.

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