Often called, this is the NFC function on cellphones!

NFC function on cellphone

When discussing about MOBILE PHONE latest release, you will definitely often come across the term NFC feature. Well, maybe there are still some of us who don't know what NFC is and its function.

NFC basically has a function similar to bluetooth. However, NFC has more functions and uses in everyday life.

This article will discuss the definition and function of NFC on cellphones. Anything? Come see more in the article below!

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Definition of NFC

NFC is an acronym for Near Field Communication, a protocol that can connect two electronic devices that are at close range, a maximum of 4cm.

NFC can be used to transfer data from one device to another, just like Bluetooth functions.

However, NFC is considered to have advantages in transfer speed and effectiveness of use where you only need to attach two devices to transfer data.

NFC technology was developed in the late 1990s to 2000s. Samsung became the first electronics manufacturer to embed this feature in the Samsung Nexus S in 2010.

Uses of NFC in Everyday Life

After listening to the definition of NFC, now is the time for you to find out what other functions NFC has in everyday life. Here is the list:

Transaction Cardless and Check E-Money Balance

NFC feature for E-Money transactions
NFC feature for E-Money transactions. Source: Daily Reckoning/Youtube

By using a cellphone with NFC technology, you can carry out digital transactions without having to bother carrying a card anywhere, aka cardless.

Before making a transaction, make sure the balance on the debit or credit card connected to your cellphone is sufficient.

You only need to activate this feature then attach your cellphone to the sensor machine provided.

By doing this, the transactions you make will be processed quickly.

Apart from making digital transactions, you can also use this feature to check your E-Money balance on your TransJakarta or toll card.

If the balance on your E-Money card runs out, you can also top it up via cellphone before using it.

Share Files Between Devices

Share files between devices
Share files between devices. Source: Daily Reckoning/Youtube

As mentioned at the beginning, NFC has a function similar to Bluetooth, namely to transfer data between devices.

Data that can be transferred includes photos, videos, applications and telephone contacts. Everything is done without cables!

Recently the use of the NFC feature has also been implemented in the music industry in Korea. If you are not a fan of albums on physical CDs, then you can switch to the Kihno album.

Just activate the NFC feature on your device then attach Kihno to your cellphone. The songs from the album can now be played on your cellphone!

Charging Smartphones

Charging your cellphone with NFC
Charging your cellphone with NFC. Source: Daily Reckoning/Youtube

Even though it is not yet common enough, NFC is currently being developed to charge your cellphone.

Even though it hasn't been officially launched yet, there is a possibility that we will enjoy this feature soon in the next few years.

However, currently there are several cellphones that can be charged without using cables and only using NFC.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of NFC

For those of you who are still confused about whether the NFC feature is suitable for your daily life, here is a summary of the advantages and disadvantages of NFC!

Advantages of NFC

Advantages of NFC
Advantages of NFC. Source: simpleshow/Youtube

The first advantage of NFC is the effectiveness of its use in everyday life. By utilizing this feature, you no longer need to carry a card to make digital transactions.

Second, NFC is also considered safer because this feature apparently has strict security so that the possibility of data leakage from users can be minimized.

Disadvantages of NFC

Disadvantages of NFC
Disadvantages of NFC. Source: simpleshow/Youtube

Apart from the advantages mentioned above, NFC also has several disadvantages. One of them is the high price.

The price difference between smartphones with NFC and without NFC there is quite a difference. So you need to compare how often you will use this feature.

Another weakness of the NFC feature is that it is very close to use, where you have to touch two devices directly.

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