Global Release 2024, Here's All the Information About Blue Protocol!

Blue Protocol

Bandai Namco plans to release several titles games only in 2024. One of them is the Blue Protocol.

Although there is no definite date for when this game will be launched, Bandai Namco did reveal some details about Blue Protocol website official of this game.

For loyal fans of games from Bandai Namco, let's check out all the information about Blue Protocol in the article below!

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Blue Protocol: Travel Through Time and Space

Blue Protocol - Planet Regnas
Planet Regnas. Source: BLUE PROTOCOL/Youtube

Blue Protocol tells the story of a planet called Regnas which is faced with a future full of destruction.

The planet Regnas was once ruled by a tribe of gods and thrived due to the power of a mystical light.

Thousands of years later, only ruins, hidden treasures and a dark secret remain from the planet.

To change the fate of this planet's destruction, you must travel through time and space to find solutions and the truth behind Regnas' bleak future.

Your adventure in this game will be accompanied by Feste, a cheerful but clumsy girl who is very interested in money.

Feste can be cunning and manipulative at times, but underneath he is a loving and caring person.

Apart from Feste, there are five other characters revealed in website official of this game. They are Jake, Aeryn, Tyris, Milie, and Voldigen.

Gameplay Blue Protocol

Gameplay Blue Protocol
Gameplay Blue Protocol. Source: BLUE PROTOCOL/Youtube

Action adventure genre game scifi This provides a very complete custom character. You can customize everything from hairstyle, clothes, accessories, to facial features.

The use of the combat system in this game is also made as simple as possible to suit the way players play, both beginners and advanced players.

There are five class categories in this game who will automatically learn several skills as their level increases.

There are up to four skill combinations that can be modified to create a character that suits your playing style.

In this game, you can also summon companions in battle called Mystical Echoes. They are part of the spiritual remains of mystical beings with high powers.

Blue Protocol - Mystical Echoes
Mystical Echoes. Source: BLUE PROTOCOL/Youtube

You can get Mystical Echoes while completing quests or creating them using various materials you find during your travels.

Blue Protocol is also equipped with a multiplayer feature, where later you will be randomly connected with available players of the same level.

Apart from that, you can also join other groups to go on adventures and complete in-game challenges together.

Classes in Blue Protocol

Blue Protocol - Blue Protocol class
Blue Protocol class category. Source: BLUE PROTOCOL/Youtube

There are five class categories which are divided based on the weapons the player uses, namely Blade Warden, Twin Striker, Keen Strider, Spell Weaver and Foe Breaker.

Come on, let's look at the explanation of each class that you can choose in this game!

Blade Warden

Blue Protocol - Blade Warden

Blade Warden is a soldier class with melee attacks that has Crowd Control abilities and is a strong tank.

They can repel incoming attacks using shields. If the shield layer reaches 0, its use will be temporarily disabled.

Twin Strikers

Blue Protocol - Twin Striker
Twin Strikers. Source:

Twin Strikers are trained fighters who wield two battle axes with fluid movements as they attack and cleave their enemies.

Through intense training, they can manipulate the elements to adapt them to their dynamic attacks.

In battle, Twin Strikers can switch roles between tank and fighter as they wish. This class also uses fire as their element.

Keen Strider

 Keen Strider
Keen Strider. Source:

Keen Strider is a class that has advantages in fighting with many opponents at once.

Apart from that, they also master medium and long range attacks so they are very suitable to support victory in battle.

Spell Weaver

Spell Weaver
Spell Weaver. Source:

Spell Weaver is a class that allows you to use natural elements and change them as you wish.

Similar to Blade Warden, this class uses a special Gauge to ignore cooldown and delivers a chain attack.

This class has a high level of difficulty but is very suitable for use over long distances when playing in a group.

Foe Breaker

Foe Breaker
Foe Breaker. Source:

The last class is Foe Breaker, a class that has medium range attacks. They are equipped with a giant, super heavy hammer that attacks the opponent with one slow blow.

You can use this class as a sub tank to slow down your opponent's movements or make them come closer to you.

Even though their attacks look slow, players can use super armor to increase their HP to become thicker.

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So, that's all the information about the Blue Protocol game which will be released next year. So, are you interested in trying out this game?

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