The latest 2023 Shaking Bussid Truck Mod Recommendations

Shaking Truck Bussid Mod

In 2023, many BUS game players are looking for mods BUSSID the coolest and newest shaking truck. This is due to its unique appearance from other BUS mods.

Bus Simulator Indonesia (BUSSID) is a game simulators buses with an Indonesian touch. Simulator games This game is very popular and widely played in Indonesia. 

BUSSID has many mods made by the players, one of which is the bussid truck shaking mod. In Bus Simulator Indonesia you can also use motorbikes, cars and trucks with the available modifications.

What's interesting about this game is that we can add mods. Apart from that, there are many modders (MoD makers) who always offer interesting mods for the BUSS ID game, such as the bussid truck shaking mod.

One mod that is very popular is the bussid truck shaking mod. Definitely simulates driving Oleng's truck in Indonesian Bus Simulator is a feeling in itself.

So, this time, VCGamers is sharing a collection of bussid truck mods that have a strobe. For those of you who want to play BUSSID with this big truck, please download your favorite shaking car mod below.

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About the Odd Truck BUSSID Mod

Shaking Truck Bussid Mod
Bussid Suspension truck. Source: Youtube/Fiqri Projects.

The bussid shaking truck mod is a truck mod for Bus Simulator which is unique because it can roll or tilt while making zigzag turns like a truck in the real world.

Rocking trucks or rocking trucks are the names for trucks that create a type of drag force by making zigzag turns causing the truck to roll over.

This rocking truck is similar to "om telolet om" where children or teenagers scream and ask the truck driver to shake the truck as it passes. The truck that looks almost overturned is a sight in itself for people on the highway.

Bussid mod is a designation for vehicle mod files that can be installed in the BUSSID game. The BUSSID mod file can be a modified engine, car, truck or bus with a unique design.

To find BUSSID mod files, look for those with the .bussid mod or .bussid vehicle ending format. These mods are made by modders, in this case people who really understand how to make mods. 

As a Bus Simulator in Indonesia (BUSS ID), we can also install the Shaky Truck Mod. Of course, don't forget the truck livery, which makes our Oleng BUSSID truck look even cooler.

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Download the BUSSID Truck Shaking Mod

So, for those of you who are tired of playing buses, you can install the Oleng Truck BUSSID mod. Previously, make sure you already have the shaking truck mod file + livery, OK?

Dilansit from the Maluku Public Relations page, the following are recommendations and examples of cool rocking track buss mods that you should try.

Mod Bussid Truck Canter Without Bak

Mod Bussid Truck Canter Without Bak
Mod Bussid Truck Canter Without Bak. Source: Youtube/Bus Simulator.
  • Bussid Truck Mod Without Bak > Here
  • The Bussid Truck Canter Mod for Palm Oil > Here

We provide first download links for tailgateless trucks from various sources.

This type of car has heavy traffic on all roads, especially in Indonesia. If you are interested, click the download button now.

Bussid Truck Canter Mod Cargo Box

Bussid Truck Canter Mod Cargo Box
Bussid Truck Canter Cargo Box. Source: Youtube/Medan Driver.
  • Standard Canter Box Truck Mod > Here
  • Mod Truck Canter Box Wsp > Here
  • Mod Truck Canter Box Mbois > Here
  • Mod Truck Canter Box Indomaret > Here
  • Mod Truck Canter Box Tam Cargo > Here

Second, we present a panel van with loads that show many colors.

Wolf Exhaust Canter Bussid Truck Mod

Wolf Exhaust Canter Bussid Truck Mod
Wolf Exhaust Canter Bussid Truck Mod. Source: Youtube/Medan Driver.

Have you ever seen this bussid player using a truck with a wolf-shaped exhaust? If that's true, then of course you're wondering where did you get those mod files from.

You don't need to worry because this time we want to provide a link for the Bussid Truck Canter Wolf Exhaust Mod and you can immediately check the link below.

  • Wolf Exhaust Canter Truck Mod > Here

Those are some of the shaking bussid truck mods that I can share with all of you. We think there are quite a lot of mods available and you can use them in Bus Simulator Indonesia.

All you have to do is choose which mod you like then install it in the Bussid Internal Storage > Bussid > Mods game. You can also use all released mods, but the effect is that the internal memory fills up quickly. So, you have to choose the fashion that you want. 

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