List of 5 Million iPhones, Still Worth It at the End of 2023!

iPhone 5 million (3)

As we know, smartphones have long been the most popular products apples that is iPhones. Well, there are more and more new models of iPhone, so the price of many iPhones has dropped to 5 million.

Currently, there are a lot of second-hand iPhones in Indonesia and many are sold on the market at relatively cheap prices.

Usually, this iPhone is most popular with the Millennial generation to Generation Z.

There are several reasons that make this iPhone the favorite smartphone for all users.

This smartphone is famous for its luxurious design, good camera, iOS operating system and excellent performance quality.

Apart from that, maybe these iPhone features don't exist on Android. So, maybe users are flocking to buy iPhones.

Even so, there are 5 lists of second hand iPhones that cost just 5 million and might be suitable for you. What do you think the rows are?

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iPhone X 256 GB

iPhone 5 million (1)
iPhone X (Source: Apple Support)

The first recommendation is the iPhone X 256 GB. This iPhone has several advantages and excellent specifications, you know!

This iPhone has a Super Retina OLED screen measuring 5.8 inches and is equipped with a resolution of 2436 x 1125 pixels.

Of course, with 256 GB internal memory which can accommodate files such as applications, photos and videos.

The rear camera itself is 12MP which can produce clear photos of the best quality and can record 4K video.

In essence, the 256 GB iPhone

iPhone XR 64GB

iPhone 5 million (4)
iPhone XR (Source: Apple)

The iPhone XR is one of the iPhones that costs 5 million, you know! Call it the iPhone XR 64 GB.

Of course, this iPhone also has advantages over other iPhones, you know! What do you think are the advantages?

This iPhone has a quite elegant and elegant design with a 6.1 inch Liquid Retina LCD screen.

Apart from that, this iPhone is supported by the A12 Bionic chip so that users can play games all day and multitask in daily use.

The camera is high quality with a 12MP rear camera so it can produce 4K photos and videos.

The color choices for the iPhone

No need to worry if you are on a trip but forgot to bring a charger or power bank, because this iPhone is equipped with a battery that has very good durability.

iPhone XS 256 GB

iphone 5 million (5)
iPhone XS (Source: Apple Support)

Next there is the iPhone What advantages do you think stand out?

This iPhone has a 5.8 inch OLED screen with a resolution of 2536 x 1125 pixels which provides a clear display and bright colors.

Apart from that, it is equipped with an A12 Bionic Processor with a powerful chip so that it can help you from multitasking to playing games.

On the camera itself, with a 12MP rear camera and dual-tone flash feature, HDR shooting and can record 4K video at 60 fps. And the front camera also has 7MP resolution which is supported by the Face ID feature.

With 256 GB of internal storage, it can store all files such as videos, photos and even applications.

The iPhone XS has a premium and very elegant design equipped with strong stainless steel.

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iPhone XS Max 64 GB

iPhone 5 million (6)
iPhone XS Max (Source: Apple Support)

For the iPhone

With a Super Retina OLED screen measuring 6.5 inches and high resolution, it will certainly provide a different experience to users when playing games, videos or watching films.

Just like other iPhones, it uses the A12 Bionic Processor so it can run games, applications or even do multistaking.

The rear camera is 12MP so it can produce photos or videos with detailed objects and clear quality.

The iPhone XS Max has a very large battery and fast charging. Apart from that, the battery life is also very long.

The 64 GB variant might also be enough for those of you who often store files, videos, photos or other documents on this iPhone.

iPhone 11 64 GB

iPhone 5 million (2)
iPhone 11 (Source: iBox)

So, the last iPhone that costs 5 million is the iPhone 11 64GB which is equipped with its advantages. What do you think?

Of course, the A13 Bionic chip will provide the best performance when running applications, games and can help you multitask.

The rear camera is 12 MP with wide and ultra wide lenses that can take photos and videos.

Apart from that, the 6.1 inch Liquid Retina screen will provide a clear quality display when watching films or videos.

The front camera is 12MP which is high quality. Then, with longer battery life when used all day.

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So, that's the information about the iPhone priced at 5 million which you can still buy at the end of 2023. So, which iPhone do you want to buy?

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