The History of the Term Child Death, Frequently Used by Youtubers!

death cub

Little boy of death or an abbreviation of little boy of death is a term for fans Youtubers named Windah Basudara. Where this nickname was first made by the Youtuber.

For those who don't know, Windah Basudara is a YouTuber with millions of followers on his youtube channel. In fact, this number of subscribers made him one of the most popular YouTubers and the RRQ team appointed him as a Brand Ambassador.

Windah is known to provide entertaining and creative shows when streaming on YouTube. This is probably one of the reasons why Windah has become a successful Youtuber.

So, what is the origin of the term child death? Please refer to the brief review below.

The Origin of the Term Child Death

death cub
The term childish death. Source: Gamebrott.

In 2021, the term kiddie death became a hot topic of conversation among YouTube users. The reason is that fans from Windah Basudara often comment weird when he streams.

As previously mentioned, child of death is one of the most used words by gamers today, especially those who often stream on YouTube. 

The beginning of the emergence of this term was when Windah Basudara was playing a game God of War PS2 and follow the audience's suggestions in the chat column.

However, it turned out that the comments made by the public were known to be an attempt to make fun of Windah while she was playing Gow of War.

Realizing that the audience had been making fun of him, he finally got a little angry. After that, he issued the sentence "Bocil Kematin". Until now, the term has become viral and is often used by gamers.

So Bocil Death is Windah's nickname given to her listeners who lie to her. Apart from that, the term "child of death" also made him famous. 

Get to know Windah Basudara

Windah Basudara
RRQ Windah Basudara. Source: Youtube.

Windah Basudara or whose real name is Brando Franco Windah is often called Brando. Born on March 14, 1992 in Manado, North Sulawesi. He is a Youtuber who mostly plays mobile and PC games.

Windah is a very creative person in the world of Youtube. During the session live stream, he often acts cute. He often entertains the audience with his silly behavior.

He always displays his signature "theatrical" moment live stream. The video he displays comes with a fun concept.

Like he turned into Alucard from Mobile Legends, or a child's parent calls him and forces him to stop.

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Not only that, because he is also so creative, he has a song that is his trademark entitled "Beda Heaven – Save the Sound".

He would even sing this song when he saw what he had accomplished in the game he was playing.

Maybe this is one of the reasons why Windah Basudara is popular among the public, especially mobile gamers. He also often shares tips and tricks to become a fitter gamer. 

Well, that was the beginning of the creation of the name Windah Basudara by Youtuber Windah Basudara. Did Vicigers know where this term came from? Please comment below.

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