Don't Be a Burden! Become an Off Laner Using These 3 Best Tips, Deh!

The best Off Laner Mlbb

Aloha Vicigers! Every roles in games Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has an important role, besides mid laner, There are also heroes filling the role off laner.

Off laner is roles which is of less interest when compared to cores or mid laner but offlaner still important.

A off laner must have high mechanics because he will play alone in one lane. It's not uncommon for one of them in-alley by two to three player opponent.

So therefore off laner must have the ability and high mobilization technique and thick HP so that it can survive in lanes alone.

For the way lanningitself has several options or variations depending on heroes used. Based on the benefits, offlane/sideline divided into two types:

  • EXP Lane

Lane which is generally filled by fighters This, has benefits for acceleration levels and push turrets against. So that you can participate more quickly teamfight.

  • Gold Lane

Generally heroes that fills this lane is Marksman or late game heroes other. On lanes this they can focus on collecting gold then push turrets against. Until it feels quite ready to go teamfight.

Things One Must Master Off Laner

  • A off laner must be able to understand heroes what he wears, whether it's his strength or weakness. Then take advantage of the advantages of heroes which you guys pick so you can win lanning in lanes.
  • When acting as off laner, you must pick hero counter from off laner current enemy draft pick. This is a bit difficult for beginners but try pick heroes which are equally strong in lanes. For example, if the opponent pick heroes Alice, you can pick hero Uranus because it is just as strong and has regeneration MOBILE PHONE to be able to sustain in lanes.
  • Time awareness. You have to know when to play passively and when to play aggressively.

When you feel safe and have items, levels, gold qualified enough, you can do it cutting minions, riot buff enemies or fight alongside others for extras EXP & Gold from turret, turtles and lord.

  • Map awareness. Be careful-ambush! Never take your eyes off folder. When no enemies are seen in folder, you must hide or find another safe place. Because they could be on their way to slaughter you.

Heroes Off Laner Frequently Used

X. Borg

X. Borg-Bumblebee

After getting buff  from Moonton, Hero X. Borg this is heroes which is being META now. X. Borg already have damage big on early game. Apart from that he has two types MOBILE PHONE which makes it even thicker.

XBorg can also regenerate MOBILE PHONEits if fire damage X. Borg about the enemy or jungle monsters with very high temperatures it will emit firaga supply when they receive flame damage.

Take fiagra supply can restore 10% from HP armor, or 15 energy when you are in fashion armorless.


Here's the build for Hero Sun Mobile Legends for August 2021. There's no medicine!

Heroes this just got revamp on updates before, so he has skills clone for escape that can trick his enemies.

As off laner, Sun could sustain with his cloning skill at the same time can do push turrets very quickly.

With three doppelganger-his, Sun can destroy turret easily, if you willalley by the enemy Sun can escape using skills both of them so as to make the opponent confused.



Lapu-lapu is heroes strong to serve as offlaner, because Lapu-lapu has good durability, damage who is sick, and he has immune to crowd control skills.

Lapu-lapu has two modes viz twin blades and heavy swords which can be activated if you use ultimate skills. During fashion heavy swords whole skillsits strengthened as well basic attack damage increased to 120%.



Heroes which has been around since seasons this one is very popular and good to make off laner. Chou known for its ability to kidnap or lock the opponent's movement using skill-his.

He is heroes with crowd control well so very useful in those situations by one as well as a very agile movement assisted by skills one and two.

Chou pretty fast at it clear waves. When fighting or teamfight Chou can kidnap off laner heroes or cores opponent by kicking towards turret team and immune from crowd control with skills both make Chou can go in and out teamfights easily.

Hopefully it can help you if you want to play off laner in Mobile Legends game.

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