The Price of Alucard Lightborn's Skin, The Price Makes You Weak!

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Have a hero skin in the game Mobile Legends is a pride for every player. While the Alucard Lightborn skin is one of the expensive skins and the price makes it weak.

Alucard is a fighter hero in Mobile Legends with very good HP Rain skills. Alucard is a soldier of the Moniyan Kingdom and is part of the Lightborn Mobile Legends team.

The price for Alucard Lightborn leather seems to be in great demand by Mobile Legends users. He is also a strong warrior and can kill his enemies quickly thanks to his combination skills.

Being a member of the Lightborn Squad in Mobile Legends, he gets his newest Lightborn skin called Striker. Here we will discuss the price of the Alucard Lightborn Mobile Legends skin.

In this article, we will explain how much Alucard Lightborn's skin costs in the Mobile Legends game. For those who are already curious and want to know the price of the skin hero Alucard Lightborn in Mobile Legends, let's see the full explanation below to make it more accurate and accurate!

Alucard's story

Alucard Lightborn

Alucard is a semi Assassin Fighter hero with considerable damage. In addition, the mechanics of this hero are not difficult, so that this hero in Alucard can be easily mastered by everyone. Also, if he is done, it will be difficult to kill this hero because the Lifesteal in it is very difficult. 

Talking about the story of Alucard, he is a warrior with a mission to take revenge on the land of the demons that killed his parents. It was a very difficult journey for him, until finally he became a demon hunter, whose life all demons fear.

From birth, he was always abandoned by his parents, who went to war. As an urban warrior, it is his responsibility to protect the city from the attacks of the demons, who have wanted to defeat him for years.

One day, his parents went to a remote town to do some work. Because he was used to it, Alucard was never afraid, especially since now, after carrying out his duties, his parents always came home healthy.

However, after days of no news, he felt fear and terror. Since his parents weren't usually walking around at this time, he only prayed that God would spare the soldiers who performed such a task.

One night, a group of soldiers finally arrived in the city. He was so excited that he tried to find out where his parents were. But unfortunately his desire to live with his parents had to fade longer.

Tigreal, at the head of the town's troop, says that both of his parents have died in the service. He was also very sad when he returned home, already at a loss for what to do. Right now, he was just an orphaned teenager. The sorrow in his heart was very heavy.

Only in the end did his grief increase and he became obsessed with revenge against the demon country that killed his parents.

After a year of training against real demons, Alucard became a great warrior. And he became part of the Demon Hunter with the same ambition, namely to avenge the death of his parents, especially after being tortured for several months in prison.

Finally, he managed to rid the demons of each other. His fighting skills are very good. The demons who saw his whereabouts were frightened. Every time Alucard saw them, they would surely lose their lives. No matter how cleverly they looked for a place to hide, he would definitely find one.

Alucard Lightborn Skin Prices

Alucard Lightborn

Lightborn is one of the Squad whose job is to defend the Kingdom of Moniyan in Mobile Legends. The Lightborn squad leads Silvan as the Princess of the Moniyan Kingdom.

The Lightborn team consists of the hero Alucard, Tigreal, Harith, Granger and Fanny. Every hero who is part of the Lightborn Squad will also get a Lightborn themed skin in Mobile Legends. You can see this Lightborn skin directly in the Shop Mobile Legends section and get it only by buying 1089 diamonds.

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Alucard Lightborn Skin Prices in Rupiah

Alucard Lightborn

According to calculations in Rupiah, you can buy 1000 diamonds in advance at a price of Rp. 299,000 will then buy 100 more diamonds for 30,000, so you will spend a total of Rp. 329,000.

Alucard is one of the fighting heroes in Mobile Legends who is given the code name Lightborn Strike. Alucard in show mode with Skin Striker Lightborn is quite smart and very authoritative.

Alucard got really cool because gold was a feature he was struggling with. Also, the combination of white, silver and gold in this costume with a light children's theme is perfect for Alucard.

This hero's weapon is also designed to turn into a sword that seems to have the power of light. The sword is very good and makes it even cooler.

For animation effects, the bright display in Mobile Legends is pretty good. This skin has a higher price than the Epic Shop skin because the quality is better than the Epic Shop skin in Mobile Legends. Every offensive skill he has will give an animation effect when using this Lightborn Striker skin.

Many YouTubers have also seen this Lightborn Striker display and usually provide very good feedback. For Alucard players who are already interested in this skin, just buy it and come straight to the Mobile Legends store which has 1,089 diamonds. 

This is the explanation regarding the price of the Lightborn Alucard Mobile Legends skin that we have discussed. Hopefully this is useful and a good source of reference for all of you.

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