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MP5 weapon

MP5 WeaponFree Fire (FF) be one games which is loved by many people today. Games This game presents a unique game and has its own characteristics compared to other games of the same genre or type.

Free Fire own kind battleground game where every player is required to survive and become a winner. Therefore, equipment and weapons are needed that can support the players to survive.

One of a kind weaponry inside Free Fire games this is Submachine Guns (SMGs). Weapon type Sub Machine Guns (SMG) This is a combination of automatic weapons with low ammunition.

Submachine Guns (SMGs) in Free Fire games own have fire rate higher than guns Sub Machine Guns other. One of a kind weapon Sub Machine Guns is an MP5 weapon.

This MP5 weapon is the best weapon in its class and is the weapon of choice for players Free Fire (FF) this.

The reason is none other than because these weapons don't just have recoil low and have mobility and damage tall one.

So what is the MP5 and why is it loved by so many players? Free Fire this? Check out the reviews below, OK!

MP5 Weapon Specifications

Kinds of weapons Sub Machine Guns This is a weapon that can be used against enemies at long distances.

Besides that, damage given by this MP5 weapon is also quite large and almost the same as a weapon Assault Rifles (AR).

One of the advantages of this weapon is that it is relatively stable. Because it has stat balanced and not bad which makes this weapon suitable for various situations both near, medium and far.

Advantages of MP5

The following is an explanation of the advantages of the MP5 weapon

  • Has high accuracy

This MP5 weapon is classified as a weapon that has the ability to fire lots of bullets in a short time.

With point fire rate of 69 is classified fire rate high in class Submachine Guns (SMGs). Therefore, this weapon is very suitable for use at close, medium or long distances.

  • High rate of fire

This MP5 is very reliable for long distance combat. This weapon can cover a distance of about 31 meters. It is estimated that this weapon only takes 8 shots to kill the enemy and if at close range it only requires 5 bullets.

  • conquer recoil wild weapon

This weapon can conquer recoil wild weapon. For example, when paired with lower rail. The MP5 is equipped with lower rail through foregrip this will reduce horizontal recoil as well as increase the animation when wearing aim down sight.

  • Weapon with attachments complete

This MP5 is a weapon that can be equipped with equipment attachments which Complete. Starting from muzzle, magazine, foregrip, and scope. Of course, the completeness of the weapon will reduce it recoil and increase the stability of the weapon.

For that reason, this weapon is one of the weapons that has the most stable accuracy and is the choice for the Free Fire players (FF).

How to use MP5

Using the Character Nikita

This character is a character that can use weapons Sub Machine Guns (SMGs) well. It's aligned with skills all it has is that it can do reload quickly use SMG.

Therefore, player can continue to shoot the enemy continuously and do reload quickly. By using this character, players can become damager which is very powerful by using SMG.

Using the Jota Character

By using this character you will become rushers best in Free Fire (FF). character that has skills that can provide heal if successful get kill when using a weapon SMG.

For this reason, MP5 is very suitable for use with this character.

Mastering Weapons

MP5 weapons are now easier to use for close and medium ranges.

For different types of weapons SMG this is also already easy to do headshot or easily directed to the head.

Therefore, the MP5 is a deadly weapon when used by player who already master and know about this weapon.

Of course, to hone the ability to use this weapon must also be accompanied by sufficient training so that you can play to the fullest.

That is the reason why the MP5 is the most stable weapon in Free Fire (FF) and how to use it to play optimally. Don't believe?

Immediately prove yourself with login Free Fire game and feel the sensation! BOOYAH!

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