7 Interesting Facts about Sanemi Shinazugawa Hashira Angin

Sanemi Hashira Wind

Anime fans Demon Slayer You must be familiar with the unique character of Sanemi Shinazugawa.

This figure first appeared in episode 22 anime and chapter 45 manga. At that time Shanemi met Tanjiro and Nezuko who was facing Oyakata.

Sanemi masters the wind element breathing technique, he is one of the strongest pillars currently. 

This character has various interesting facts to discuss. Let's begin!

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Sanemi Has Many Scars

Sanemi Hashira Wind
Source: YouTube Rellik

Sanemi has an angry and stubborn nature, this character is strengthened by the many scars on his face and body. 

The many scars on Sanemi's body are caused by his unique fighting strategy. 

When fighting against demons, Sanemi often injures himself to hypnotize opponents who smell blood.

Even though he looks very strong Sanemi is Hashira who is weak when fighting at night due to color blindness.

Second Rank Strongest Hashira

The Strongest Gyomei Hashira
The Strongest Gyomei Hashira. Source: YouTube

Sanemi was ranked second strongest after Hashira Batu, Gyomei Himejima.

As told in the manga, Sanemi had killed many demons long before he joined the Demon Slayer Corps.

At that time Sanemi killed many demons without using the nichirin sword and wind breathing techniques.

Sanemi really hates devils

sanemi demon slayer (1)
Source: POPS

Sanemi has a dark story caused by the devil. On that basis, Sanemi really hates devils. 

Sanemi's hatred for demons can be said to be very deep. This all happened as a result of his family being massacred by the devil in the past. 

The extremely high level of hatred made him uncontrollable when detecting the presence of demons. This happened when he met Nezuko who at that time had turned into a devil. 

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Sanemi Has Marechi Blood

Sanemi Has Marechi Blood
Sanemi Has Marechi Blood (Source: Anmo Sugoi)

Marechi blood is a blood type that can provoke the devil's passion when he first kisses him. The devil who smells Sanemi's blood will lose control.

With this uniqueness, Sanemi uses this ability to fight against demons. That's why there were many incision marks on Sanemi's body.

Genya Shinazugawa's sibling

Genya Demon Slayer
Genya Demon Slayer. Source: YouTube.

Sanemi is the older sibling Genya Shinazugawa. They lived together with five other siblings.

Until one day a demon attacked their family and turned Sanemi's mother into a demon. At that time, Sanemi's mother intended to attack Genya. 

However, Sanemi protected Genya by killing their mother. As a result of this incident, the relationship between the brothers became complicated.

The reason is that Genya accused Sanemi of killing his mother and all his younger siblings. Annoyed by his younger brother's attitude, Sanemi hated Genya and no longer considered him a brother. But Sanemi's real intention was to keep his only sibling away from danger.

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Survived the Battle Against Muzan

sanemi demon slayer (4)
Sanemi Shinazugawa (Source: topcinema)

At the end of the battle against Muzan, almost all members of the Demon Slayer Corps died. 

Sanemi Shinazugawa, Giyu Tomioka, and Tengan Uzui are the Hashira who managed to survive after the fierce battle against Muzan.

Awakens the Demon Slayer Mark when Fighting Kokushibo

Sanemi vs Kokushibo
Sanemi vs Kokushibo. Source: YouTube Comickey

The new Wind Hashira awakens the demon slayer's mark when the final battle is faced KokushiboSanemi's demon slayer mark is shaped like a green windmill.

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