How to Get Rid of Water in Minecraft, 100% It Works!

Removing Water in Minecraft.

Water is one of the things that sometimes annoys in the Minecraft Game. Therefore, the author wants to provide several ways to get rid of water in Minecraft.

Curious what are the ways? Check it out below!

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Water in the game Minecraft

Removing Water in Minecraft.
Minecraft Swim in Water. Source: VCGamers.

Talking about water in the Minecraft game is quite difficult. Even though you can control him, that doesn't mean he can't bother you, right?

Water is one of two fluid bodies (the other is Lava) that is in Minecraft. You can find it in many places, such as lakes, rivers, seas, and underground.

An interesting fact is the color of the water in each Minecraft biomes it varies. In warm coral waters the water is light blue, in the Deep Ocean it is dark blue, and in the Swamp it is greenish.

If you put water on the ground, it will spread with a radius of up to seven blocks with a smaller size.  

There are many functions of water in the game Minecraft. You can use it for swimming, gardening needs, destroying non-full blocks (grass and flowers), resisting explosions, to MLG (Major League Gaming).

If you fall from a height, as long as the surface of the block below you is covered in fluid (water or lava), you won't get any fall damage at all!

After getting to know a lot about water, now the writer wants to tell you how to get rid of water in Minecraft.

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How to get rid of water in Minecraft game

To get rid of water, the writer found four ways you can do it. If you find another way to get rid of water in Minecraft, please write in the comments.

Closing it with another Block

Removing Water in Minecraft.
Remove Water Minecraft With Other Blocks. Source: VCGamers.

Covering it with another block is the easiest thing you can do to get rid of water in the Minecraft game. All you need is a full block like Dirt, Sand, Gravel, or Cobblestone.

Putting a full block right in the water makes the water on the block disappear. As in the .gif above.

If you destroy the block you placed earlier, the water will no longer appear.

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How to Get Rid of Water in Minecraft – Picking It Up With a Bucket

Removing Water in Minecraft.
Remove Water Minecraft With Bucket. Source: VCGamers.

The second way is to take it using a Bucket. You can make a Bucket with three irons on the crafting table. After creating it, you can right-click on a complete block of water.

The water will then move from where you took it into your Bucket and become a Water Bucket. You can throw it somewhere else or into an intact water block.

But, make sure you take water when there are no water blocks nearby. The Gif above shows that the author managed to get rid of water using a bucket. But suddenly the place was filled again with water.

The reason is that if there are empty blocks around a full block of water, the water will flow. But if there are two streams of water that meet each other in close proximity, then the meeting will form a full block of water.

It looks complicated, but if you've been playing long enough, you'll definitely understand.

Exchange It For Lava

Remove Water Minecraft Replace Water With Lava. Source: VCGamers.

Third is using Lava. Honestly, using Lava can actually remove water, but you have to be careful.

If you see the .Gif above, if there is only one block of water and you stack it with lava, then the water will be replaced with lava.

But, if you do it wrong, then the water or lava will turn into a new block.

  • If a full block of lava is exposed to spreading water, the lava will turn into obsidian
  • If any spreading water is exposed to spreading lava, then at their meeting point a cobblestone block will form. This method is often used to make Cobblestone Generators.
  • If a full block of water is exposed to spreading lava, the water will turn into stone

Yes, this method can remove water, but make it a new block. After becoming a stone, you only need to destroy it with a pickaxe.

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How to Get Rid of Water in Minecraft – Using a Sponge

Removing Water in Minecraft.
Sponge Remove Water Minecraft. Source: VCGamers.

This is the last, easiest, and most difficult way. Sponge is a block that can absorb water within a 7x7x7 block radius, which means its absorption range is very wide.

If it has absorbed water, the Sponge will turn into a Wet Sponge. To use it again, you have to burn it using the Furnace.

But the problem is, getting Sponge in the survival world is difficult. There are only two sources of sponge blocks in the world of Minecraft: Ocean Monument and Elder Guardian.

Ocean Monument provides more than 12 sponge blocks that you can get using hoe tools. Meanwhile, each Elder Guardian will drop one sponge.

Final Words

Those are four ways to get rid of water in the Minecraft game. If you find another way to get rid of water in Minecraft, please write in the comments.

So, which method will you use?

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