Recommended Build Julian Mobile Legends 2024

Julian Mobile Legends

Julian Mobile Legends was once one of the feared heroes. But what about the current meta?

Is the fighters/mage still fits the current meta? So, for users who might be curious, let's take a look at the following review!

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Latest Meta in Season 31

Julian's Normal Skin
Julian's Normal Skin. Source: YouTube

As has also been discussed in the meta discussion article season 31 Previously, the meta that Moonton is currently maintaining is centered on Fighters. So it is not surprising that the current core position will be superior if held in this role.

Not only that, the position of Exp. Lane also plays a quite important role. Not infrequently para offlaner able to change the course of the ongoing match if the execution is carried out correctly.

So what about Julian, who is also a Fighter hero? As one of the new heroes, you could say that Julian is no longer a meta.

The mechanics it has look ancient and are immediately crushed by many other new/revamped heroes. It's no surprise that this hero is no longer popular.

However, if it is built with the right build, that doesn't mean Vicigers can't use it, you know! For this reason, in this article we will provide recommendations for Julian's most effective build!

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Julian Mobile Legends Patch 1.8.47

Julian 4Saken
Julian 4Saken. Source: YouTube

Now let's go straight into the discussion about Julian's build. Please note, that this recommendation is suitable for the Exp position. lane yeah. The recommendations given will of course focus on items, emblems and talents, as well as the right battle spells for this Fighter/Mage hero:

Build Julian Items in Mobile Legends

In accordance with the meta above, Julian needs to be able to produce damage while keeping it sustainable. For the first item Arcane Boots which can provide magic penetration would be the right choice.

The second slot is Genius Wand. Often Julian's opponents will immediately create items with magic resistance. Therefore, the effect given by this item can reduce the opponent's defense reduction.

The next is Enchanted Talisman. Apart from reducing cooldown (CD), this item can also provide mana regeneration every time Julian levels up. Suitable for allowing him to stay on the lane without easily going home.

Don't forget, install it too Oracles. Julian has a passive default that can give him additional lifesteal. To increase his capacity, give him this item so that his blood flow becomes even stronger!

Winter Truncheon is also a must! Please remember that Julian is a hero who must dive into the opponent's formation.

That's why this item can prevent him from being immediately picked off when his penetration is to be greeted with ganking by the opposing team.

And finally, as a reserve life, you also need Immortality. Apart from providing armor, the split second given by this item can be used by the Fighter/Mage to blink away from the area of effect (AOE) of the opponent's finishing skill.

Emblems and Talents

For the choice of emblem, of course the right choice falls to you Mage. This can be balanced with attributes and talents that suit Julian.

Starting with General Talent (1), Julian can choose Rupture for additional penetration. Next, General Talent (2) can choose the Mystery Shop so that the Fighter/Mage can get items more quickly.

And finally, Julian can use the Magic Worship or Impure Fire talents which can provide additional magic damage to opponents. This is suitable if Vicigers has a more aggressive playstyle.

Battle Spells

There are many battle spell choices for Julian. Again, this depends on the playstyle each person has Vicigers.

If you are confident in your scoring abilities, Flame Shot or Execute could be the right choice.

However, if you prefer to play it safe and gank, escape skills such as flicker, Sprint, and Petrify can be the right choice.

Julian and Other Forsaken Heroes
Julian and Other Forsaken Heroes. Source: YouTube
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So, that was the discussion regarding the latest build in meta Season 31 Patch 1.8.47 for Julian.

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