Recommendations for the 5 Most Powerful Cici Counter Heroes

For those of you who are looking for recommendations for Cici's hero counter to be able to beat her, don't hesitate because there are a number of options.
hero counter cici (1)
Cici – Buoyant Performer (Source: Wikifandom Mobile Legends)

Cici is fighter heroes The last one was released at the end of 2023, since its release there have been many players Mobile Legends who thought of a powerful Cici counter hero to fight him.

This hero has the ability to deal damage, using the blink skill and crowd control from his ultimate.

Based on her abilities, Cici serves as a Jungler or EXP Laner when playing.

Plus, this hero is also quite popular when playing at a high rank.

For those of you who are looking for a recommendation for Cici's hero counter to be able to beat her, you can read this article to the end, okay?

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Cici Counters (0)
Cici (Source: Mobile Legends Bang Bang/Google)

The fighter hero released on December 27 2023 is Cici, who has long-range attacks.

She only has 2509 HP, aka her base HP is still small, however Cici is very flexible where she acts as a Jungler or EXP Lane.

Cici's attack type always relies on skill to damage her counter, but her basic attacks are somewhat less effective.

However, his passive skill, Performer's Delight, will provide extra movement speed plus spell vamp so he can sustain in team fights.

Cici's skill 1 is Yo-Yo Blitz which has high physical damage from the target's max HP so the attack will be more damaging and very painful after activating her Curtail Call (Ultimate Skill).

Cici's second skill is Bouyant Bounce, which only acts as a dash to land on her enemy's head.

Apart from that, it turns out that Bouyant Bounce functions to chase enemies in critical situations.

If you look at his abilities, sometimes many players rely on him. But on the other hand, there are also players who want to beat him.

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Hero Counter Cici

cici counters (2)
Cici Concept Video Teaser (Source: Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Turkiye/Youtube)

So, for those of you who are still confused, which hero can beat the Bouyant Performer. The following are 5 Cici hero counters that you can use!


hero counter cici (3)
X-Borg – Grafitti Fashion (Source: MLBBDesigns)

As one of the strongest fighter heroes who can defeat Cici, namely X-Borg. He is considered Cici's counter hero who is able to master the fire element and his strengths are still not as popular as other heroes.

He has great damage from the early game to the late game, because he only relies on his 1st skill, namely Fire Misslies which gives 30 (+50% Total Physical ATK) for 2 seconds and a slow effect of 10%.

X-Borg is also able to farm quickly, apart from that, it is also very suitable for fighting in the early game and defeating its enemies as fast as lightning.

Furthermore, X-Borg can also guard the turret because he is able to clean Minions quickly and he is also difficult for his enemies to kill, including Cici.

Another advantage of the X-Borg is that it has high durability, because it comes from its passive skill, namely Firage Armor.

This Firage Armor will provide 2 HP bars for X-Borg, apart from that, when the HP bar runs out it will enter Armorless mode.

It is important to know that this passive skill makes X-Borg difficult for his enemies to fight because of his agility and very high durability.


hero counter cici (4)
Dyrroth – Orochi Chris (Source: Mobile Legends Fandom)

As one of Cici's flexible hero counters, namely Dyrroth. He can act as Jungler, Offlaner, Midlaner and Roamer.

Dyrroth has been dealing damage since the early game and was able to secure his laning phase.

Dyrroth's skill is no joke, his Skill 2, namely Specter Step, can reduce his enemy's defense up to 75% for just 4 seconds and the slow effect is very large.

It turns out that as a fighter hero too, Dyrroth has high durability when using his fighter emblem and Festival of Blood talent.

Of the two, it will provide a Spell Vamp effect and increase mobility which comes from Skill 2 for very fast roaming/rotation.

Her Specter Step is able to reduce Cici's physical defense, plus if she uses one of her best battle spells, namely Execute, Vengeance, Flicker or Sprint to escape from other enemies.


Hero Counter cici (5)
Terizla – Hammer Giant (Source: Mobile Legends)

One of the next fighter heroes who can be used as a counter to Cici is Terizla. It turns out that Terizla has crowd control abilities that can outwit Cici.

Because Terizla's skills, namely Revenge Strike (Skill 1), Execution Strike (Skill 2) and Penalty Zone (Ultimate), are able to give Cici a slow effect so she can beat her easily.

You should also know that Execution Strike has made him very strong since the early game.

When you use this skill, Terizla will attack 3x plus his passive skill, Body of Smith, to increase his durability.

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hero counter cici (6)
Paquito – The Heavenly Fist (Source: Wikifandom Mobile Legends)

As one of the fighter heroes often chosen by pro players in MPL, he is Paquito, apart from that, he is also suitable to be Cici's counter.

The advantage of Paquito is that he is able to clear wave minions for 3 seconds with his combo so this will make him rotate quickly.

Importantly, it turns out that Paquito also has great damage from his skill combo.

Plus, his attacks are no joke in producing the most painful burst damage and his passive skill, namely Champ Stance, will provide additional movement speed.


hero counter cici (7)
Arlott – Lone Lancer (Source:

As a recommendation, the last fighter hero who is suitable to be Cici's counter is Arlott.

Looking at the vengeful side of his character, when in the game he will attack aggressively.

Apart from that, Arlott has deadly skills such as Demon Gaze (passive skill) which can detect his enemies every 10 seconds.

Plus Dauntless Strike (Skill 1) to deal physical damage up to 40%.

Apart from that, it turns out that Arlott has quite high mobility and durability, so he can go anywhere to attack Cici.

With its durability, it will remain strong until the late game so you don't need to go back and forth to change heroes.

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