Recommendations for 5 Best Offline Games Under 200MB 2023

Recommendations for 5 Best Offline Games Under 200Mb 2023

Hello, fellow Vicigers! As the quality of mobile games increases every year, the need for large cellphone storage space also increases. Therefore, we will discuss offline games under 200 MB.

There are still many games that require little storage space on your cellphone and can be played without needing an internet connection.

Here are the 5 best offline mobile games under 200 megabytes that you can enjoy in 2023.

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Relumine. (source: google playstore)

The first offline game under 200 MB is a game Relumine. A visually beautiful 3D spatial puzzle game from developer Emil.

Here you play the role of Relumine, an adventurous little girl who is looking for her missing father, assisted by a shining spirit guide.

Relumine discovers the rotational power of magic crystals which helps her solve puzzles she faces while traveling through the abandoned mines of a lost ancient society.

Relumine helps immerse players into a world of wonder and childlike imagination. While the meditative soundtrack is calming like a lullaby backed with atmospheric sound effects that add to the mysterious nature of the enchanting world.

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Redline Drift

Redline Drift
Redline Drift. (source: google playstore)

The Redline Drift game is a 3D driving game where your mission is to win as many points as possible by drifting.

The longer you drift, the more points you will win in this game. Redline Drift has three options you can choose from, but whatever option you choose, the key is to create the perfect mix of speed and direction to drift as long as you can and win lots of points.

This game has a lot of content although most of it is locked when the game starts. And only one car and circuit is available.

But you can unlock more cars and maps as you play and win points.

Paperly: Paper Plane Adventure

Paperly: Paper Plane Adventure.
Paperly: Paper Plane Adventure. (source: google playstore)

Game Paperly: Paper Plane Adventure is a casual game where you will be in charge of controlling the flight of various paper planes.

Your main mission in this game is to move each of these small planes to pass through the arcs that appear scattered in various settings.

Both the graphics and the soundtrack contribute to a very relaxing experience in each game of controlling your paper.

To control an airplane you only need to move your cellphone from left to right. This feature takes advantage of your cellphone's gyroscope.

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Tiny Games
Tiny Games. (source: google playstore)

Tiny Game is an unusual shooter game, where this game will put you in the role of a special forces unit consisting of cardboard fighters.

Cute graphics and sounds will make it feel like an arcade game with automatic missions.

You cannot break walls, windows and barricades due to the location being large and even walking cannot be set to automatic mode.

Your main goal is to defuse the bomb and stay alive. You are offered random missions even though the locations may not differ much.

Maximus 2

Maximus 2 games
Game Maximus 2. (source: google playstore)

Maximus 2 game is an action game where you will become a real hero to fight evil enemies, if you enjoy some beat em up games, you will definitely recognize the similarity with Maximus 2.

In this game, you will control one hero who continuously travels through many locations to defeat all enemies simultaneously.

You can also use the loot you collect to increase your character's strength and unlock new skills. You will move in a 2D environment, where monsters will constantly appear to destroy.

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Those are recommendations for offline games under 200 MB that are worth trying.

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