Ragnarok Origin Card Wizard Recommendation, Can Go Solo!

Card Wizard recommendations

This card wizard recommendation is perfect for Vicigers who like to play solo. Hunting for Board Missions or playing solo makes it even easier Ragnarok Origins.

Wizards are a fun role to play in Ragnarok Origin if you find the right type. 

One of the joys of building horror games is the fast casting which makes it possible to hunt alone. At this time, we want to talk about card recommendations wizards who can play solo. 

First, it should be noted that you must have at least 400 quick stats to be able to use these various skills without stopping. 

This is because speed affects the duration of the message channel so that speed can be used. The following is a recommendation for Wizard cards that you need to make Expert builds that are suitable for solo hunting.

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Recommended Card Wizard Ragnarok Origin

Card Wizard recommendations
Card Wizard Ragnarok Origin. Source: Youtube/Shoguod in Action.

When you want to become a Wizard in RPG games this, the first class to take is Mage. Remember that a Mage should not be confused with an Acolyte. 

Because if you hire an acolyte, the only job to do is a priest.

So make no mistake when you become a mage in Ragnarok Origin, you will be faced with a choice of what type of wizard you want. 

Because the experts themselves are divided into three groups, namely ice/Lightning, Fire/Ghost, and fire/earth. For this, decide what kind of magic you want to create first.

When deciding which assistant to create, you can define a master record. Pretty much like it displays stats and skills.

Considering that Mage relies on magic or spells to kill monsters/enemies, then you need to increase your character's INT. 

If any remaining stat points are generated, add them to DEX to increase attack. INT and DEX must increase simultaneously in a 1:1 ratio.

For mage skills that need improvement, there are Magic Crusher, Lightning Bolt, Cold Bolt, Zen, and Frost Diver. All of these moves must be level 10. Do not let any below level 10.

If you are already a specialist, the next thing to do is focus on the recommended Wizard cards, namely Storm Gust, Energy Coat, Soul Drain, Frost Nova, Jupitel Thunder, and Lord of Vermilion. 

Just like when becoming a mage, this skill must reach level 10. When the level is high and you are a great expert, many skills must be prioritized. 

The advantage of this card wizard recommendation is that it is easy to play. Also, all moves use SP and less HP. Yes, because the enemy's movement is limited and skills are increased. However, this mode is not suitable for PVP.

When your level is higher and you have become a High Wizard, there are several recommendations for Wizard cards that need to be prioritized.

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Job Wizard Ragnarok Origin

Card Wizard recommendations
Job Wizard Ragnarok Origin. Source: Youtube/Cornel Cornelo.

Wizard is the only role in the latest Ragnarok Origin that can destroy large-type magic. 

This is because the house doesn't have a Sage in the game (changing the Mage more than the Wizard). Of course, without using the right skills, a magician cannot create effective damage.

Of course there are many translations to become a professional, but according to the author, many translations are niche or specific to certain situations. To be a good professional, you must be able to adapt to any situation that arises.

For the skill level to be taken, you must start with Soul Strike. Of course, this ability has an instant cast time and a very high damage rate in the early game. 

With Soul Strike level 10, you don't need to rely on any skills to travel expertly. The two fire spells that you have are a powerful combination to deal fast damage to the world's monsters. 

You can also use Stone Curse to turn physical objects into dirt, such as enemies that can be frozen using Storm Gust or Frost Diver. 

This is the ultimate game style skill. You can use the card wizard's recommendations to create characters as you become more interested. 

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