The Painful Lapu-Lapu Build Recommendation for 2022

The Painful Lapu-Lapu Build

This recommended Lapu-Lapu build item for 2022 is made for those of you who want to use this hero in the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

You can use this build item arrangement so that Lapu-Lapu can become a hero who can launch painful attacks in the game.

You need Lapu-Lapu build items when you want to face an opposing hero. You can use this build item arrangement so that your hero can perform well in the game.

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In fact, there are many choices of build items in the game. You can also choose Lapu-Lapu build items randomly.

However, it could have an impact on the game of the hero you use. In fact, it could be that your presence when using that hero in the game actually becomes a 'disaster' for your own team. Because you are a burden and a player who brings your team to defeat.

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Therefore, you should be able to determine the order of the 2022 Lapu-Lapu build items that you should use.

So, to determine what build items are suitable for Lapu-Lapu, we must first know Lapu-Lapu's skills in the Mobile Legends game.

Skill Lapu-Lapu Mobile Legends

Lapu-Lapu Gameplay Tips - The Lapu-Lapu build hurts

We need to know Lapu-Lapu's skills in the game Mobile Legends. We need this to determine which Lapu-Lapu build hurts.

By knowing the skills of Lapu-Lapu, you can find out what are the strengths and weaknesses of the heroes you use in the game.

You can also determine the right time to attack or run away from the opponent's hero. So, let's see, here are the skills that Lapu-Lapu has:

Passive- Homeland Defender

Lapu-Lapu's passive skill is Homeland Defender. He will get 10 Bravery Bleesing every time he deals damage to an opposing hero.

Furthermore, Lapu-Lapu's Basic Attack will be strengthened when his Bravery Blessing is full. Lapu-lapu will get a Shield that can absorb 250 (+65*Hero Level) Damage in 2.5 seconds. 

In addition, Lapu-Lapu's enhanced Basic Attack will make him run towards the target and give +150% Total Physical Attack and Physical Damage. This Basic Attack cannot become Critical. However, it will cause a slow effect of up to 60 percent on the target for 1 second.

Lapu-Lapu's passive skill will activate when one of his skills hits an enemy. At the same time, he will get 1 stack bravery blessing.

When Lapu-Lapu will also do a basic attack, he will get bonus damage and a shield.

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Skills 1 – Justice Blades

Skill 1 Lapu-Lapu is Justice Blades. This hero will throw two boomerangs in a predetermined direction.

Each boomerang that is thrown and comes back will give a total of 175 (+50% Total Physical ATK) (Physical Damage) to the enemy hero who was hit.

However, if the two boomerangs hit the same target, the second boomerang only deals 50 percent damage.

When using this skill, Lapu-Lapu will throw both swords at the enemy which will deal damage and can hit many enemies.

When in Heavysword mode, two weapons that are hit by the enemy will also slow them down.

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Skills 2 – Jungle Warriors

Skill 2 Lapu-Lapu is Jungle Warrior. He will slash the Twin Blade that is owned.

Then, he runs in the designated direction and deals 100(+50% Total Physical ATK) (Physical Damage) to enemies in the path.

This skill is useful for chasing enemies and also running away.

When in Heavysword mode, Lapu-Lapu will spin in the direction he chooses. This makes the enemy hit by this skill receive damage.

Then, Lapu-Lapu increases 20 Magical Defense and Physical Defense within 5 seconds.

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Ultimate Skills – Bravest Fighter

Next is the ultimate skill from Lapu-Lapu. He will jump in the air. Then, he would combine the Twin Blades and land on the ground. Then, the attack will give 300 (+ 80% Total Physical ATK) (Physical Damage).

This attack also causes the opposing hero to be slowed down by 60% in one second to the opposing hero in the area.

The Painful Lapu-Lapu Build Recommendation for 2022

After knowing the skills he has, we will review the 2022 Painful Lapu-Lapu build. You can use this Lapu-Lapu build in the game.

Warrior Boots

Warrior-Boots - Barats build

You need to buy Warrior Boots to increase the movement speed of Lapu-Lapu. This item can increase the mobility of your hero in the game.

Apart from that, you can also add Lapu-Lapu's defense during the early game. Because it will increase the mobility of lapu-lapu and add defense to lapu-lapu in the early game.

Bloodlust Ax

Bloodlust Ax okay

You need to buy Bloodlust Ax when using Lapu-Lapu. You need to buy this item to build the sickest Lapu-Lapu build.

This item is called the most important for your hero. Because, Lapu-Lapu has as many as 6 active skills. Where, the skill adds damage, has a lifesteal and reduces cooldown.


Oracle is one of the Painful Build Estes items

The item that you need to buy in the game when using Lapu-Lapu is Oracle. This item can provide additional HP, Magical Defense and Cooldown Reduction.

Queen's Wings

Queen's Wings

The next item is Queen's Wings. You need to buy this item to build the sickest Lapu-Lapu build.

Your hero will receive Physical Attack, HP and Cooldown Reduction.

Queen's Wings has a Unique Passive-Demonize. Thus, it will reduce 20 percent of Damage received when HP is less than 40 percent.

Apart from that, it can also increase Spell Vamp to as big as 25% for 5 seconds. This effect has a cooldown of 60 seconds.

Blade of Despair

Blade of Despire

The next item you need to buy is Blade of Despair. This item is included in the Lapu-Lapu build list.

This item also has a Unique Passive-Despair. Lapu-Lapu's Physical Attack will increase by 25 percent for 2 seconds when attacking an opponent's hero with HP below 50 percent.



You need to buy Immortality when compiling the sickest Lapu-Lapu build item. You need this item when using this hero.

You need this Lapu-Lapu build that hurts because Lapu-Lapu can help the team or escape from battle.

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