7 Tips for Playing Sniper PUBG Ala Pro Player

Tips for Playing Sniper PUBG

PUBG Mobile Of course, there are many weapons that you can use to defeat the enemy. This is certainly very impressive and makes you even more creative. One of them is the use of snipers. Here are tips for playing sniper pubg in the style of a pro player that you should know.

These tips for playing sniper pubg will certainly present a number of things that you should use and avoid some of the problems that often arise when playing snipers.

Use the Appropriate Scope

Tips for playing the first pubg sniper is to use a scope that suits your sniper needs. You can use the most awesome 4X, 6X and 8X scopes. The presence of a scope on this sniper weapon can certainly make you monitor enemies from a distance.

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The tip is that you have to bring a large scope first if you don't have a sniper weapon yet. Of course you will get random weapons and scopes for long distances. However, try to have a scope first.

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Don't Be Seen By Enemies

Clever camouflage and being able to place the right position is the hallmark of a true sniper. Try to be able to have a high game sense. Namely by looking at the map and waiting for a certain moment to become a third party.

Make sure you choose a position that is difficult to find so that it will be difficult for your opponent to find you. It's even better if you have a special suppressor like a damper. Opponents will find it more difficult to know your position.

If you are lucky to have a gillie suit, wear it because it is very useful for tips on playing sniper pubg.

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Set Crosshair and Bulletdrops

Customize the crosshair and also the bulletdrops layout of your PUBG Mobile. This is very important for pubg sniper playing tips. Because this crosshair itself is a way for you to get hitmarks or bullets that are targeted by your opponent.

Because playing sniper is a weapon that requires us to play long distance and the further away the opponent will be difficult to hit the target. Therefore, start setting your crosshair as comfortable as possible.

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Positioning Must Be Perfect

To be a good sniper, you have to be able to do positioning. The article above has explained where being a sniper cannot be seen by the enemy. This is similar to the discussion this time. However, it's not just invisible to the enemy. However, the placement and method of shooting must be appropriate and in a good position to shoot.

You have to position yourself well so that the enemy is not only difficult to see you but difficult to hit you. Try when you play sniper not reckless and not open.

Because playing sniper is obligatory for you to be stealthy. Always change your position if your opponent already knows you.

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Be patient

The key to success playing sniper is patient. Without this, you will definitely miss it. You have to be more careful when making decisions. Because tips on playing sniper pubg on this one require foresight and a strong mentality.

With patience you are also more focused and not in a hurry to make a truce with your opponent. The key to patience also lies in communicating with the team when you play as a team. Of course, with patience, you will be better prepared in-game.

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Complete Attachments

Don't underestimate the tips for playing sniper pubg on this one, yup. Completing your sniper needs is an obligation that must be fulfilled. There are many attachments that must be equipped by a sniper. Not only the scope, there are also suppressors, check pads, magazines and so on.

Of course it will be more useful and more stable if you have complete attachments. You have to be more observant and check each house, create enemies or obstacles one by one, maybe you're lucky to get something you want.

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Practice often

Last but very important is to practice playing sniper often. You can play as a sniper at the training camp by reading enemy movements, strengthening your aim and adjusting the layout and sensitivity. Of course, with this you are better prepared to be in the game.

Don't forget to evaluate at every opportunity such as your mistakes when playing sniper in the game.

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