Reasons for Winning Eleven 2012 to be the Best Football Game of its Era!

Winning Eleven 2012.

If you say the name of the game Winning Eleven 2012, of course Indonesian football fans will be very familiar with this.

That name has become part of the life of round skin lovers in accompanying their hobby for this sport that is so global.

Winning Eleven or better known as WE, has penetrated deeply into every gap in the memory of old gamers.

Those who at this time may have turned into heads three or even four, certainly filled their childhood and youth by playing this game.

Either played alone through a private console at home, or played hourly with friends at the rental PlayStation (PS), either one can bring joy without gaps.

Sometimes, with only 1-2 sticks of Memory Card, the holidays are spent playing this game.

Yes, WE really can hypnotize the players to stay staring at the screen for hours.

That aspect is what ultimately makes WE so legendary. It's so legendary, the stereotype of Indonesian gamers when talking about PlayStation games is one of them focused on the title of this game. Even though there are so many other games out there, you know!

So, how exciting is this game really? Why can it be so legendary? So, in order to understand better, let's take a look at the presentation this time!

Guaranteed you will understand more about the history of WE and its work in the world gaming industry. Please listen to it!

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Remembering Winning Eleven

Winning Eleven 2012 A Game Full of Memories
Winning Eleven 2012 A Game Full of Memories. Source: YouTube/KONAMI公式

For those who don't know this game, it's better if we get to know each other first! As we know, WE is a game from Konami and was released in 1995.

This game is one of the first soccer games released for the PlayStation console.

Winning Eleven was initially released only for the Japanese market. But along with the debut, it turns out that his popularity quickly spread throughout the world. With this target market, this game was originally called "International Superstar Soccer".

And after going international, the name was changed to "Winning Eleven". This popularity grew due to the realistic gameplay and easy-to-use controls. Players can choose their favorite soccer team and play in top leagues or tournaments.

With the dynamics of sports that often develop and change, constant and periodic updates are needed. No doubt this title eventually turned into a franchise that has so many lineups.

Even so, his journey in dominating the world game industry cannot be said to be smooth and without challenges. Tight competition from a similar game made by EA with the title FIFA, of course, becomes an obstacle in itself - it continues to prevent this game from monopolizing the share of soccer games.

FIFA, which can be said to be present earlier (first released in 1993), received quite strong resistance from the "new kid". The rivalry between the two has become a relationship that is so legendary: it records the twists and turns of the development of the sports genre in the history of human gaming.

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Winning Eleven 2012

Winning Eleven graphics
Winning Eleven graphics. Source; YouTube/KONAMI公式

Of the many series released as part of this franchise, one that can be considered a masterpiece is Winning Eleven 2012.

At this point, Konami as the developer really "popularizes" their game by releasing it to various platforms and consoles.

In addition, various new features can also be felt. One of them is the 'Become a Legend' mode, in which players are given the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of star players who have started their careers from zero to becoming a well-known sports figure.

This is a more detailed form than the 'Master League' mode. Instead of per individual, this mode provides the opportunity to build a team career as a manager.

The combination of these two modes will provide more opportunities for players to be able to experience the real experience of the circular leather industry.

Gameplay Winning Eleven 2012
Gameplay Winning Eleven 2012. Source: YouTube/KONAMI公式

And even now, there are still many people who play this game! Of course, so that it continues to be updated, the help of mods (modifications) is also needed.

But this shows how enduring this one game is in the hearts of its fans.

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