Honkai Star Rail DoT: Definition, How It Works, Increases DMG

dot honkai star rail explanation guide

DoT is a term that is often used in games Honkai Star Rail, the latest game released by HoYoVerse.

If you look at the element column on the character profile page, you can see that there is an explanation such as "Physical DMG can cause a Bleed effect that gives DoT".

The term DoT and various stats are fairly new to HoYoVerse game players, especially if you've played before Genshin Impact.

What is DoT? In this article, we will discuss in detail about the Honkai Star Rail DoT.

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Honkai Star Rail DoT: Definition Up to Increase DMG

We'll cover various things about Honkai Star Rail DoT. Starting from the definition to how to increase the damage.

Can't wait right? Let's see!

Honkai Star Rail DoT definition

dot honkai star rail animation
DoT Animation (source: VCGamers)

DoT or Damage over Time is additional damage that is given as an extension of the damage that has been given before.

The term DoT is not exclusively used by Honkai Star Rail. Many RPG and battle royale games often use the term DoT as a character attack mechanism.

DoT on Honkai Star Rail is the additional damage dealt by the character attacking the enemy's weak point or Weakness.

This weakness is an elemental weakness that occurs when a character with a similar element attacks an element that is the enemy's weakness.

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How to Identify a Honkai Star Rail DoT

dot honkai star rail special effect bleed
Bleed, Can Cause DoT (source: VCGamers)

Every enemy that you have attacked with the enemy's Weakness element will receive damage to that element passively (without you having to apply another attack) at each turn the enemy starts or right after the character attacks.

How to find out if the DoT is triggered can be seen from the damage the element marks and the representative color of the element appears at the start of the enemy's turn.

Characters can also be hit by DoT from enemy attacks. You can see that under the character's HP bar a representative emblem of the element that gives the DoT and turn will appear.

Characters affected by DoT can also be seen in the same way as enemies. You can see that damage will appear along with elemental signs and representative colors along with DMG when the character turns.

DoT will usually last 1 turn before you have to re-apply it. However, it can also last more than 1 turn.

The most common way is when you get a Special Effect from attacking the enemy's weakness.

Special Effect is an additional attack when you attack an enemy with a character that uses the enemy's weak element.

Attacking the enemy with the appropriate element will lower the enemy's Toughness Bar faster. An exhausted Toughness Bar will trigger Weakness Break from enemies.

You need to remember that not all element can trigger to produce a Special Effect that may result in a DoT. Elements that can provide Special Effects are:

  • Fire (Burn)
  • Wind (Wind Shear)
  • Physical (Bleed)
  • Lightning (Shock)

Ice, Quantum, or Imaginary Elements cannot produce Special Effects that provide DoT. 

However, the Quantum element can provide an Entanglement effect that can accelerate the enemy to get Weakness Break and DoT.

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How to Trigger

shock effect serval
Serval Skill Generates Shock Effect (source: VCGamers)

From the observations of VCGamers, there are two scenarios of DoT being triggered and dealing damage:

  • The character manages to get a Weakness Break and triggers an elemental Special Effect
  • Trace characters have the ability to immediately give Special Effects

Our first scenario will use the example of the character Sushang who has the Physical element. 

When Sushang's attack creates Elemental Weakness and the enemy gets a Weakness Break (when the Toughness Bar or the white bar above the enemy's HP bar runs out), Sushang will give a “Bleed” effect.

The damage dealt by DoT will provide additional damage to the enemy, making you defeat the enemy faster.

This Bleed effect will trigger a DoT from a Physical element that deals Physical DMG.

The second scenario at the time of writing was just Serval and Sampo having Trace to trigger DoT without enabling Weakness Break. 

Serval can give a Shock effect (Special Effect from Lightning DMG) from using Skills.

Shampoo is similar to Serval but can apply the Wind Shear effect (Special Effect of Wind DMG) from the Talent.

The Special Effects of Shock and Wind Shear will passively deal DMG from their respective elements. This will lower Toughness and reduce enemy HP.

According to several leaks from Leakers, the character Luka, who will be released in several patches, will have abilities similar to Serval and Sampo. 

How to Increase Damage

harmony light cones
Light Cone Harmony (source: VCGamers)

Of course you can increase the damage from DoT. When compared to the DMG of active attacks, the DMG of DoT is of course much smaller.

However, the greater the DoT, the faster the enemy will be defeated. The character's DoT size is influenced by: ATK%, DMG%, Elemental DMG%, and Break Effect.

You can get Elemental DMG and ATK% stats by using Relics on characters.

Meanwhile, DMG% and also ATK% can be obtained by buffing Harmony path characters like Tingyun.

Tingyun can provide DMG% and ATK% buffs to characters, especially Lightning elemental characters

Harmony's Light Cone path such as “But the Battle isn't Over” can also provide DMG% buff and will be channeled to DoT triggering characters via buffs from Harmony characters.

Break Effect can be a DMG multiplier from DoT to increase the DMG given after the enemy gets a Weakness Break.

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Thus the guide regarding Honkai Star Rail DoT. This mechanism is very important because it will affect your speed in finishing enemies.

This game is still very new but has the potential to become famous like other HoYoVerse games. Don't forget to fulfill the needs of other HoYoVerse games at VCGamers Marketplace yes!

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