How to Quickly Reach FF MAX Heroic Rank in Season 12

Tips Push Rank FF

To reach Heroic rank FF Max quickly needed some way. So, here VCGamers will share how to quickly reach the Heroic FF Max rank in season 12. So, don't miss it!

After the end of the ranking season in Free Fire MAX, the player's ranking is reset, and players must start their quest to the top of the ranking ladder again. This game has separate ranking systems for the two main modes, Clash Squad battle royale.

CS season 11 ratings ended on March 24, 2022, and season 12 is now underway. Since the season started recently.

This has given gamers a good opportunity to increase their rank and reach the Heroic FF Max rank, one of the higher ranks in the game. Proper preparation and systematic gameplay shouldn't be the most challenging task.

FF Max's Heroic Rank is the second highest rank tier, and players find it very difficult to achieve. Players will meet veteran players who have spent countless hours in the game improvising their gameplay. 

Apart from that, being killed by hackers is another frustration for players who want to push their rank and more than that, the constant fear of getting knocked out is another worry. D

That said, many players give up pushing ranks midway through, but we're going to give you some of the best tips to reach the Heroic FF MAX rank.

Tips to Easily Rank Heroic FF MAX

Play With Friends Who Are Already Known

FF MAX Heroic Rankings

When you want to increase your ranking in Free Fire MAX, playing as a team makes it much smoother as it facilitates better teamwork and communication, which is necessary to win more games.

You should avoid solo queues as they may or may not accept very good teammates, making it very difficult to advance through the ranks.

Some may not even be of the same skill level, increasing the difficulty. As a result, you should make sure that you queue with at least one other friend.

Choose the Best Character and Pet

FF MAX Heroic Rankings

The battle royale and clash squad modes are very different in Free Fire MAX, and as a result, you have to choose a character that is more suitable for the latter.

It is generally considered better to have healing abilities like K, Alok, or Dimitri and create combinations around them to an advantage over opponents to be faced with.

Such combinations can provide a constant source of HP, which can help win needed rounds. Even Wukong can help at close range

The choice of pet also depends on the character used because their skills must be synchronized to offer an advantage. Overall, a pet like Mr. Waggor, Rockie, Ottero, and Detective Panda are great choices.

Improve Gameplay

FF MAX Heroic Rankings

In order to be successful in the clash squad mode in Free Fire MAX, it is necessary to maintain a balance in the gameplay. Rushing in and attacking straight ahead can catch an opponent off guard. However, that will often result in a quick losing round.

You have to plan strategically, take out important compounds and try to eliminate players. It is very important to trade teammates if they get destroyed.

It's better to play relatively passively than to start a round with a male disadvantage. In addition, gamers must bring a shotgun or SMG to fight in close combat, which often occurs.

Another important aspect of this mode is making purchases together. You must drop weapons to teammates who don't have enough credits to get them, making sure there are no weak links.

Land at Safe Place and Beware of All Enemies

FF MAX Heroic Rankings

No push rank player wants to land in a mess and no one wants to get knocked out early in the game.

So, to stay safe, you have to land in a safe place where they can easily loot without harm. Also, the chance of being eliminated early reduces to a stark difference and you'll score good ranking points at the end of the game. 

Know all the safe and dangerous places on the map, also keep an eye on the number of players while on the plane so you can know where everyone else is going. Thus, you can choose another safe place.

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Focus on looting early in the game

FF MAX Heroic Rankings

Looting is another major aspect of the game. When pushing ranks, you may not get a chance to loot everywhere and most of the time, you'll be stuck in one place until the zone shifts.

You can't run around in the open if you want to push rank, by doing so, you have to stay low to enemy sight. So, loot fairly well in the early stages of the game and share needs with teammates.

Kills don't really matter when push rank is considered, even if you do 15 kills in a match and die early you'll get less points.

However, if you stick around until the end and get a few kills consistently over the course of 3, 4 matches, you'll get some pretty good rating points.

You will be rewarded with more points if you get booyah. This doesn't mean that you can't kill even if you have the chance. Take advantage of the situation and take the kill if you have a clear shot.

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Those are some ways to quickly and easily reach the Heroic FF Max rank in the VCGamers version. You must be able to improve your shooting skills and maintain a good aim.

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