Everything You Need to Know About Purify ML

Purify ML

There are many battle spells that you can choose to accompany your battle in Land of Dawn. Each battle spell has different abilities. And, Purify ML is one of the best, of the 12 battle spells available.

Purify ML is a pioneer in changing the course of the match, if you use it at the right time.

Not only does it neutralize your opponent's attacks, Purify also has several other functions that can help you win a match.

What's more, if the opposing team is equipped with a crowd control hero. Then your winning percentage will be very high.

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Purify ML

Mobile Legends - Purify ML
Mobile Legends. (Source: Moonton/Google)

As we discussed a little above, Purify is one of the 12 battle spells in the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

This Battle Spell has the ability to remove the effects that arise from crowd control type skills from opposing heroes.

Not only that, Purify will also provide immune capabilities for 1.2 seconds, along with an additional movement speed of 30 percent.

So, when Vicigers Choosing this battle spell to bring into the match, enemy crowd control effects, such as stun, knockback or airborne will not have an effect on the hero who is our character.

It does sound normal. However, if you play a Marksman or Mage type hero, the purify skill will be very helpful when you are pressed to escape.

This can happen because this type of hero does not have good defensive abilities.

So, when is the right time to activate Purify?

You can activate it when an enemy hero is targeting you, when you are in war. Moreover, heroes like Granger and Aurora, who are marksman and mage types, will definitely be easy targets.

Pay attention to the cooldown. If it is still in the cooldown stage, communicate the situation to your team. So they know when is the right time to go to war or push the turret.

Next, match the time of the purify effect to the surrounding conditions. You only have 1.2 seconds to escape, after the effect works.

It's not easy, but with the flying hours you will get, this is not impossible.

Recommendations for heroes who are suitable for using Purify ML

Esmeralda. (Source: Mobile Legends)

There are a number of heroes who are suitable for using this item in the Mobile Legends game. Here's the list:


Esmeralda. (Source: Mobile Legends)

Esmeralda is the first on the list this time. Because, this emblem allows Esme to carry out continuous attacks.


sickest alucard build 2024

This hero that almost everyone likes, Alucard, is also on the list. Even though the damage it produces is large, it is unable to face heroes with crowd control skills which are its natural counter. So you need purify to neutralize this effect.


Fanny. (Source: VCGamers)

Although most players choose skill retribution for Fanny. It's a good idea for you to consider Purify.

Purify was chosen to neutralize the stun effect which is Fanny's natural counter.


The Worst Claude Build 2024, Purify ML
Sick Claude Item Build. Source: Mobile Legends

We know that Claude has a blink skill that can be used to dodge. However, with the additional effect of the battle spell Purify, you can move more freely. Without having to bother thinking about the skill cooldown.


price of epic uranus skin, Purify ML

Uranus can take advantage of the effects of this battle spell to strengthen his skill abilities which can self-heal automatically.

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