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PUBG Scouts

Check this page to see the full statistics of a pro player Scout PUBG in March 2022. Here's the full review!

Tanmay “Scout” Singh is one of the most famous faces in the PUBG gaming community. He rose through the ranks showing grit and determination, and today stands as an inspiration to many of the young talents in the game. His gun skills and all-round game sense have put him among the best players in his country.

He has remained in the limelight throughout the years because of his outstanding playing skills and partly because of his controversy. He is a professional PUBG player and rules the community. Here we talk about the ID, its stats and its monthly earnings for March 2022.

He is most famous in India who has reached new heights in the battle-royale game by winning and dominating tournaments.

He was the first player to popularize claw control in games and his amazing gameplay caught the attention of the international organization, Fnatic. Having entered PUBG via Team SouL, Scout is now part of Team XSpark with GiLL, Ultron and others.

PUBG Scout is also a regular streamer on YouTube and LOCO, where he plays games and interacts with his audience on a daily basis.

Steamer Scout PUBG stats


PUBG Scouts
Pro Player

PUBG ID Scout is one of the most searched profiles on PUBG Mobile. His followers are looking for his ID and sending him friend requests, hoping to get a chance to play with him. Scout's in-game pro player ID is 5144286984.

Fans can also find their ID using the in-game name (IGN) 8bitGomlyyy. He has used this IGN following his friend Lokesh “Goldy” Jain.

He is a regular streamer of the game and one will find this professional player interacting with his fans a lot. Players can send in-game popularity or friend requests.

He is currently placed at 61st in terms of weekly popularity rankings. The name of the game is TXxSc0utOP.

Season Statistics

PUBG Scouts

PUBG Scout is one of those pro players who hates missing matches in tournaments and special scrims. Therefore, most of the time he is still engrossed in playing custom matches.

However, he still manages to play the classics this season, and his statistics are better than many ordinary classics. In Cyclus 2 Season 4 (C2S4), he was placed at the Ace Master level with 5173 points.

He has played 201 classic mode matches this season and won 'Chicken Dinners' in 28 of them. Along with his teammates, he has reached the top 10 in 91 games.

He has managed a total of 191012.6 damage with an average damage of 950.3. Furthermore, he has maintained a stunning K/D ratio of 5.17, with a total of 1039 completions to his credit. The most 25 finishes and 3591 damage dealt in a single match remains his best performance in C2S4.

He had also reached Ace Master level in the previous season. He has an astonishing K/D Ratio of 8.38 as he has accumulated 1182 completions. It has the second highest K/D Ratio among professional players.

As of February 2022 his stats are commendable in C2S4. He has played 141 classic squad matches, winning 19 of them and coming close to the Top 10 in 66 matches. He has registered 750 kills to his name and maintains a K/D ratio of 5.32.

His skills and gameplay place him in Ace Master Tier with 4780 seasonal points and the average damage he deals is 986.2, while his total damage is 139060.8.

Swhile his highest kills in a match is 22 with highest damage 2881 is by far his most impressive gameplay in the whole season.


He has been a part of several organizations during his PUBG Mobile days. He started his competitive journey with Team GodLike and was then added to the Fnatic roster for a long period of time.

It was the peak period of his career as he participated and gave decent performances in various international tournaments including the PMPL South Asia Season 1 Finals. He also finished in second place in PMWL East: Season 0.

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YouTube earnings

Scout is the owner of the popular BGMI esports line: Team X Spark. Apart from that, he is also an integral part of one of the largest gaming organizations in the country of India: S8UL. However, his main source of income is through his YouTube channel, scout, which currently has over 4.37 million subscribers.

According to Social Blade, the pro player has earned between $3.9K and $62.7K in the last 30 days from his YouTube channel, ranking him among the highest earning gaming YouTubers in India.

He also has the second most number of subscribers on his YouTube channel in the PUBG India community. He is actively interested in interacting with his fans but has been in controversy because of his behavior.

Nevertheless, his immense popularity as a pro player on the platform helps him earn $3.2K-$51.5K per month according to social bar. He also earns from official tournaments and third parties and is currently playing BGIS 2021 ago.

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He is also a part of S8UL which is co-owned by Mortal Soul and he is also the Xspark Team Owner. Then his income could have exceeded his YouTube. Being a PUBG Scout pro player is already very well known among players.

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