5 Hidden Places on PUBG's Erangel Bridge, Suitable for Enemy Ambushes!

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Bridge on PUBG Erangel often a good location to ambush enemies. So, below, we have summarized a number of hidden places to ambush enemies on PUBG's Erangel bridge.

There are two bridges in PUBG that connect the main island and the small island of SMB. Those of you who land on SMB often have to cross this bridge to enter Erangel PUBG land. Sometimes, PUBG players also have to go to SMB when the last zone shrinks there. 

So, on this page we have summarized a number of hidden places on the PUBG Erangel bridge to ambush incoming enemies. Here are some hidden places to ambush on PUBG's Erangel bridge.

Hidden Location in PUBG's Erangel Bridge

Under the Bridge

Under the PUBG Erangel Bridge

To ambush enemies on this PUBG Erangel bridge, you need to find a buggy and drive it into a small gap under the floor of the bridge. But you have to sit on the buggy so that your head extends beyond the floor of the bridge.

Other players passing by definitely won't be able to see you there. But if you change weapons, you might be spotted by players who stop at the bridge.

Outer Edge of the Bridge

Outer Edge of the PUBG Bridge

Many PUBG players often sit behind broken cars on the Erangel bridge to hide and ambush enemies. If you want to do this, it's actually not a good idea because you can't cover both the front and back.

The two outer edges of the bridge are better places for you to sit and hide while waiting for enemy players to come.

You can cover both sides of the bridge when enemies cross it from the ground or SMB. If the enemy counters and attacks, you can jump into the river and dodge. You can set up boats or water jet skis near your ambush location to kill enemies if needed.

Over the Bridge

Over the PUBG erangel bridge

The top of the bridge is often a safe and secret place to hide and ambush enemies. But you must not wear colorful and flashy clothes, because the enemy can see you.

However, the PUBG Erangel bridge on the left side is quite difficult to climb. You must reach the bar before jumping onto the bridge.

If you fall while jumping between the bars, you will take damage from falling. Therefore, you must climb carefully. Make sure you position yourself properly, so you can shoot at the enemies that come. Don't move too much, or you might fall.

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High Hill Near the Bridge

High Hill Near the Bridge

Many players often choose a 2-story house near the bridge. However, because too many players knew of this hiding location, it was not secret enough to surprise incoming enemies.

Looking across the street from this house, you will see a tall hill with big trees and tall grass. This place is a good place to hide yourself and enemies crossing the bridge won't notice it. If you have a ghillie suit, you won't be seen.

Among the Drums on the Green Truck

PUBG Erangel Bridge Green Truck

There is a broken green parked truck on the Erangel PUBG bridge. There you can see a lot of old drums on this truck and a small gap between them. you can sit there to hide and ambush the enemies that come.

This place might be a bit small for one team, but this location will be very effective for those of you who want to ambush enemies alone.

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Well, above are the best places to hide and surprise enemies in PUBG's Erangel bridge. Maybe some of you already know some of the locations we mentioned.

But, for those of you who don't know, you should quickly understand the location. It could be you who will be ambushed by the enemy.

Before ambushing enemies on this PUBG Erangel bridge, you have to make sure no other players are hiding. You have to be careful when on the bridge.

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