Listen! Here are the advantages of 5G vs 4G cellphones!

Mobile 5g vs 4g

Because there are already many 5G cellphones circulating in the community, such as Poco M3 Pro 5G, so don't be surprised if people start comparing cellphones 5G vs 4G. Of course, the 5G cellphone, which is the latest technology, is clearly superior because the 5G cellphone, of course, uses the latest technology from this product.

5G cell phones

As we know, the development of the internet is very fast with its newest inventions, including 5G technology which was recently released. Of course, HP 5G is the latest breakthrough where HP 5G is the 5th generation which can improve the connectivity and data transmission of your smartphone.

5G connectivity itself is claimed to have download speedsdownloads many times faster than the previous technology, namely 4G internet. In addition, the increase in transmission from 5G will provide many benefits to all industry segments, and not just individuals.

Of course, 5G internet speed will be able to provide many benefits in various aspects of our lives both now and in the future. Here are the advantages of 5G vs 4G cellphones that you must see!

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Faster Internet Connection

5G vs 4G phones
Fast Internet Network

In every generation of the internet network, of course, there will be significant improvements for each increase, including the 5G network which is much faster than the 4G LTE network. The speed of the 5G network gets a significant increase, reaching 100x compared to a 4G signal which is only 10Gbps

Of course, with an increase in 5G speed, it will make our activities like work. stream movies, to making video calls via zoom or google meet, becomes smoother and is not constrained by the network. Apart from that, you can download movies with high resolution, it only takes about a matter of minutes.

Because of this, the 5G internet network is a pretty strong alternative if you need a connection broadband fast.

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Lower Latency

5G vs 4G phones
Latency (Source: KeyCDN)

If Vicigers isn't familiar with latency, latency is the time lag it takes for a smartphone to transmit data from the sender to the recipient or device. In this case, the higher the time lag, the slower the response that the recipient will give to the command to be sent.

Every generation of internet networks certainly has a goal to reduce this. And when viewed from the 5G vs 4G cellphone, the 5G network has a lower latency than 4G LTE. This is supported because the transmission is very fast, which is less than five milliseconds.

It should be noted that 5G Latency will be faster than visual processing of humans like us, therefore it will allow us to control our devices remotely almost instantaneously. real-time. 

Of course, with this technology, it will really help a lot of human work in various sectors, such as gamers who want to enjoy high speed for playing games or business people who do business using the internet network.

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Much Better Transmission Speed


In the case of 5G vs 4G cellphone transmission, of course, 5G network transmission gets a pretty good and quite significant improvement from before. An example is that you can enjoy higher speeds when you open files, programs or applications directly and without waiting.

By intensifying use cloud, all the devices you have such as smartphones, computers and others, will depend less on the internal memory and on the accumulation of data. Because of this, it also makes you no longer need to install a large number of processors on several objects because computing can be done in cloud storage.

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Cloud Gaming

Mobile 5g vs 4g
cloud gaming

For Vicigers who is gamers, you should be proud and happy because the 5G internet network can also support it stream based games cloud. By using cloud gaming, you can send control input to the server which then processes the action, merendering, and then sends the result as a compressed view stream back to your device.

By using cloud gaming In this case, you will be helped because this technology can make the image quality better, the smartphone you are using doesn't heat up quickly and the cellphone battery will last longer.

Internet Capacity Increase


Of course, in the case of 5G vs 4G cellphones, the network provided by the 5% internet can provide more capacity than 4G internet capacity. The 5G internet network itself can provide up to 1,000 times more capacity than a 4G internet network.

With the capacity of hundreds or thousands of devices communicating smoothly and seamlessly, new applications and network uses for cities, farms, schools, factories and homes will clearly be much more developed than before.

The additional capacity of the 5G network also has an impact on almost all sectors, be it schools, offices or factories. For example, the existence of 5G technology can enable thousands of sensors on hundreds of different machines in factories that use automated processes and can get their work done on time.

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