Completely Peel 3 Facts About Antonio's Character!

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Antonio's character

As one of the games that requires the players to survive to be the last in a game or Last Man Standing, maintaining blood is still a lot is one of the keys.

This can be easily resolved by one of the mainstay characters Free Fire whose name is Antonio. This Antonio is a gangsters who knows no fear and also has skills passive Gangster's Spirit which will provide extraordinary physical endurance.

In this game, Antonio's character is described as a man who has entered the age of 30 and has been abandoned by his parents.

Violence of all kinds occurred in Antonio's environment growing up as a child. This makes Antonio's character a tough character.

Antonio's character is very difficult to finish, because he has extra More HP compared to other characters when the game starts.

This allows Antonio to make a strategy to loot armor or game weapons Free Fire I want longer without fear of losing a lot of blood.

Antonio's character is very well used when in a match Free Fire, good in clash squad  or in solo ranked.

extra The cellphone that Antonio has when he gets off the plane can help players in the battle against enemies at the start of the game.

Antonio did not find it difficult to play at close or long distances. So, players don't need to worry when situations and circumstances occur where the enemy has the same equipment.

In choosing weapons for this character there are no special choices. Players can choose weapons at will. Coupled with this character's HP which is much compared to the enemy.

It can be said that normally, all characters die when the 6th bullet shot, but by using the character Antonio the player is still alive. Even so, players need to know the best weapon that is suitable for this Antonio character.

Here are some suitable weapons, namely SPAS is shotgun which have damage  high, AN94 has fire rate high, and the M4A1 has high shooting accuracy.

Skill Antonio

Gangster's Spirit skill which is owned by Antonio provides extra HP will increase as the level of this character also increases.

  • When level 1, this character will get capital extra 10 HP when the match starts.
  • Then when at level 2, extra HP again increased to 15.
  • Then when the character reaches level 3, extra HP increased to 20.
  • When at level 4, Antonio's character gets back extra HP is 25 when the match starts.
  • Then when you are at level 5, Antonio's character jacket will open. Antonio character will get back extra HP at level 6 is 30 HP.
  • Then when at level 7, banners  regarding achievement Life of Antonio ” will open.
  • Then entering level 8, this Antonio character again gets an extra HP of 35. In order to increase the player's level, the player needs fragments which can be obtained by playing the character Antonio in every battle, both in regular and deep battles ranked in game Free Fire.

Besides that, Gangster's Spirit skills this is widely used by the pro player abroad you know! Even to get Booyah! How come? Of course, because they also do a good strategy so that skills this can be maximized when used.

Then, besides having a strategy in the game, this character also has an additional four slots skills. Despite playing aggressively at the start of the game, players can charge up skills others that support late game.

How To Get It

This Antonio character can be purchased for 499 diamonds.

In addition, you can also buy it for free bundle for 2500 diamonds, or if converted to around 400 thousand rupiah, and will get Memory Fragments as many as 40 point which will make this character can immediately go up to level 3.

This Antonio character can also be obtained in this way spin.

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