Terms and Conditions to Become a Higgs Domino Partner

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Do you want to be a partner Higgs Domino? If so, then you must meet several terms and conditions to become a partner Higgs Domino 2022.

Not only by playing and placing bets, you can make money selling goods by participating as an agent that is part of Higgs Domino.

The conditions are simple if you have a game account. In the games Higgs Domino there are many premium items that are supplied or sold free of charge by authorized agents.

That's why players want to participate as a domino higgs agent, have fun playing the game and at the same time benefit from sales.

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What Is a Higgs Domino Partner?

Higgs Domino Partners

Higgs domino partners are official representatives certified by the developer and can sell various items such as purple chips, gold coins or any product in the game.

Becoming an official higgs domino partner agent offers great opportunities, especially when there are so many Higgs Domino users. Not only in Indonesia, this game is also popular abroad. As a proven partner, we can sell goods all over the world.

The availability of this domino agent makes it easier for players to buy the premium items they need. Game product sellers are highly sought after. Terms and Conditions for becoming an agent from domino higgs.

Below are the requirements to become an official higgs domino agent, if these are met then you are free to sell all Higgs Domino items.

Requirements to Become a Higgs Domino Partner

To become a Higgs partner, there are a number of requirements that you must meet.

Got a ID Higgs Domino

Higgs Domino Partners

The most important requirement for Vicigers friends to become an official higgs domino partner agent is to have a verified account with a cellphone number and Facebook. If you haven't registered for the game yet, download the app and start registering.

Make sure you enter as much information as possible on your KTP and include an active email and mobile number.

In this way, the contractor will trust you as a trusted candidate to become a domino higgs agent.

Not everyone can apply to become an official agent, but not everyone can be accepted. Therefore, when registering with Higgs Domino, enter the required personal data correctly.

Account Upgrades

Higgs Domino Partners
HIggs account

The account has been verified, then upgrade the account. This is because only VIP members can share tokens with other users. If necessary, the level must also be high so that more items can be delivered.

If you are still using a standard account, immediately upgrade to a VIP account and then multiply the transactions. Don't forget to play some level up games and win.

If these two conditions are not met, then don't expect to be with Higgs Domino and make a lot of money. 

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Connect to Trusted Vendors

Game Higgs view

This last condition is very important, you need to find a trusted Higgs Domino partner. Vicigers friends will be confused when facing various obstacles when you participate carelessly. So look for a supplier who already has good references.

If you want to try to register a higgs domino agent or partner for the first time, follow these steps:

  1. Don't be shy about asking suppliers about things you don't know;
  2. Ask for tips on how to become a higgs domino partner directly from the supplier, or search directly on the Internet;
  3. Do not be lazy to increase your knowledge about Higgs Domino agents, collect information from suppliers, affiliate partners or surf the Internet.

Higgs Dominoes Partner Tool is an application service that provides various Higgs Dominoes game items. To sell or make various digital transactions through this application, you must first register. This is because all transactions can only be made through the official account of a registered agent.

So it is very important for Vicigers friends to register here. After official registration, you can carry out buying and selling activities. You prefer to sell all sorts of things like Free Fire, Mobile Legends, PUBG Mobile, Higgs Domino. To do this, you already need to understand the requirements to become a partner agent.

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How to register as a Domino Higgs Partner Agent with the following;

  1. Open urls trade.topbos.com/index.html or tdomino.boxiangyx.com in a browser;
  2. Enter complete personal information and then enter your mobile number in your Higgs Domino account;
  3. Click "Send";
  4. Confirm the code provided;
  5. Then wait for a check from Higgs Dominos;
  6. If you receive a notification, that means Vicigers' friend has successfully registered to become an agent from Higgs Domino.

There are many interesting transaction facilitation features that every Higgs Domino agent can enjoy.

These features include converting money into coins or vice versa, refilling at lower fees, easy transactions, withdrawals without complicated conditions and many other available payment methods.

However, this service is only available in Indonesia because Higgs Domino offers different policies in each country.

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Thus our explanation on how to register an official higgs domino partner account so you can use the Boxiang Partner Tool. How about it, are Vicigers friends interested in becoming partners?

*Disclaimer: This article was written so that game developers can make improvements by knowing that there are gaps in the game that are often misused by players.

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