MPL Season 11 Week 4 Results, BTR and GEEK Dark Horse!

MPL Indonesia Season 11

I'm sure, there are many Vicigers here who faithfully watch YouTube every week so they know the latest MPL results. As one of the most loved eSports leagues in Indonesia, MLBB The Professional League or also known as MPL has always been able to attract tens of thousands of pairs of eyes.

As of Sunday (12/3), MPL Indonesia has entered its 4th week, and at the same time through the final half of the season. There have been so many developments that have occurred until yesterday's event.

But VCGamers believes there are still Vicigers out there who didn't watch yesterday's match. That's why in this article we will discuss in detail about the match in Week 4 yesterday.

Stay tuned!

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MPL Indonesia Season 11

MPL Indonesia Team Season 11
MPL Indonesia Season 11 Team. Source: MPL ID

Like the previous season, there were eight teams participating. Even so, in this season there are some significant changes.

The eight teams competing consisted of old names, such as Rex Regum Qeon (RRQ) Hoshi, EVOS Legend, ONIC eSports, Alter Ego (AE) eSports, AURA Fire, Rebellion Zion (RBL) eSports, Bigetron Alpha, and GEEK Slate.

It may be seen that there has been a change in the GEEK team. Yes, last January, the team that was originally better known as GEEK Fam collaborated with Slate eSports to make it its current form.

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Season 11 Week 4

MPL standings ID S11
MPL standings ID S11. Source: MPL ID

Matches in week 4 itself are counted from Friday (10/3) to Sunday (12/3). In those three days there were nine matches that were contested.

Until this week took place, each team had visited their ninth match. With that, there are only two weeks remaining until MPL Indonesia Season 11 finally enters the playoffs.

But even though this season has just passed its first half of the season, one team has already pocketed a ticket to enter the playoffs: ONIC eSports. This past season's MPL champion managed to wipe out all nine of their matches without losing even once!

Meanwhile, in second place in the standings is RRQ Hoshi with a win-loss score of 5:4. This score itself cannot be said to be brilliant, seeing as the third (EVOS) and fourth (GEEK) positions themselves have similar match gains.

Their position is only distinguished by the aggregate points. RRQ leads as runners up with an aggregate of 4 points, EVOS 3 points, and followed by GEEK with 2 points.

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Match Details Days 1-3 in Week 4

MPL ID S11 Week 4
MPL ID S11 Week 4. Source: MPL ID

Day 1 – Friday (10/3)

The first day of week 4 is filled with three matches. The first match started with GEEK vs. RRQ. Without further ado, the two teams immediately gave such an interesting spectacle.

The final results of the MPL on the first day of the fourth week were beyond reality, when RRQ as the favorite team was defeated by GEEK the dark horse with a score of 2-1. This marked their third win streak this season.

As for the other two matches, the matches presented were more of a "clean sweep" 2-0 without reply. In the second match, Alter Ego succeeded in defeating EVOS, while the last match was “sealed” by RBL who managed to win against AURA.

Day 2 – Saturday (11/3)

The second day was the busiest, with 4 matches taking place in one day. The first match was opened again with the RRQ match, and this time against Alter Ego.

Like yesterday, the two teams put up quite a fierce resistance. And again, even though RRQ was the champion, the “King” was forced to suffer a bitter defeat by Alter Ego with a final score of 2-1.

Moving on to the second match, GEEK managed to secure its 4x win streak against AURA with a score of 2-1. Meanwhile, for ONIC's 3rd match, the winner made a win streak of 8x by defeating BTR with a final score of 2-0.

The second day closed with the match between the “white tiger” EVOS and the “bull” RBL. In the MPL results on Saturday 11 March 2023, EVOS was able to sharpen its "fangs" by winning the match 2-0.

Day 3 – Sunday (12/3)

The third and last day of week 4 is filled with only two matches. Even so, these two matches are worth watching for Mobile Legend fans.

The opening party brought together the two teams who are currently maintaining their win streak. ONIC, the champion of the standings, will go for a 9x win streak, while GEEK hopes to be able to overthrow the “hedgehog” and achieve a 5x win streak.

Rounds of back-and-forth ensued, although in the end ONIC was able to score 2-1. By ending GEEK's win streak, this also gives them a direct ticket to the playoffs.

The second match was no less exciting, where RRQ played for the third time this week. This time they were up against the “bottom board” team BTR.

Like the previous days' matches, RRQ was again the champion. But unexpectedly, the team with the red robot logo was able to overthrow the team with the crown logo which had won the MPL 4 times: BTR won with a score of 2-1.

With this victory against RRQ, BTR established themselves in fifth place in the standings. A bad week for RRQ with its 3x losing streak.

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