Moniyan Empire vs Dark Shadow Abyssal, How will the battle end?

Moniyan Empire vs Dark Shadow Abyssal

Moniya empire is a place where the hero in MLBB lived formerly known as Mossenia. Moniya empire this is a kingdom ruled by Princess Silvana and her family i.e. her brother Prince Dyrroth.

One day Princess Silvanna's brother, Prince Dyrrot, is kidnapped by the demon Di Shadow Abyss. Dark Shadow Abyss is a place where evil character demons dwell, they intend to master the deepest secrets of the Land of Dawn. 

There are para Lightborn heroes who are in charge of guarding and protecting this kingdom, including Tigreal, Alucard, Fanny, Harith, and Granger, they protect Moynihan Empire from attack Dark Abyss

Say Abyss has the meaning of a very deep and dark trough or abyss, this location is often considered haunted. The location itself is in the south Moniya empire or place Twilight Orbs last tracked. 

On the base surface Shadow Abyss it is said that there is a place where the most dangerous demons are imprisoned, which progressively gets weaker and weaker until finally the demons can return to the shadow abyss. The heroes who are members of this Abyss include Selena, Alice, Thamuz, Helcurt, and Argus.

As a result of their ambition to rule over the Land of Dawn, the creatures that are in ShadowAbyssal it does battle with Lightborn heroes guard the Land of Dawn. Curious how the story goes? let's see the story of the battle between Moniyam Empire with Dark Shadow Abyssal

Moniyan Empire battle with Dark Shadow Abyssal

The battle between Moniyan Empire and Dark Shadow Abyss which has been going on for a long time. as time goes by Dark abyss gather strength to continue his fight in the conflict that occurred in the Land of Dawn. 

Selena who is witch of Abyss with Hell Knight very supportive Dark Shadow Abyssal. After the battle that took place at Nocrokeep Thamuz and General Hellcrust disturbed the moynihan empire on the flanks. Leonin, one of the races in the Moynihan Empire, has also been destroyed.

Moniya empire call death chanter Granger to gather strength, they also train Harith, the last Leonine race that has the power to seal Magic Power.

The fight starts again, starting with Alice freeing Terizla Smith who has been given the power of the Abyss from Moniyan and Thamuz kidnaps Prince Dyyroth so he can enter the power of the Abyss. Eventually Dyrroth became one Price of abyss because it has been possessed by darkness and then opened the seal Moynihan Empire.

The Moniyan empire gathers strength to fight again with Dark Abyss. In the middle of the fight Tigreal is unable to hold back the power Dark Abyss and back up Imperial Sanctuary Moynihan Castle namely the heart of the Moiyan Empire or the place where the imperial land agency and care for the soldiers.

Princess Silvana asked for strength for the soldiers in Moynihan Empire to the imperial Sanctuary in order to defeat the Abysses. God of Light managed to grant daughter Silvana's wish, she even gained power magic to fight Dark Abyss.

In the midst of the battle, Princess Silvanna met her long-lost younger sibling, Prince Dyrroth, but Dyrroth had turned into Price of Abyss fierce and shrouded in darkness. 

Princess Silvana did not succeed in restoring the personality of the younger prince Dyrroth, she fought with her brother and was able to defeat prince Dyrroth by Magic Power in the gun Lance of Light. This battle was won by Moniya empire marked by the disappearance of Dyrroth, Price of Abyss.

How, after reading the story of the battle Moniyan Empire oppose Dark of Abby's exciting isn't it? Do you think Moonton will continue the story of this battle, or will it end here? So that you don't miss the latest information, you can watch the story on the MLBB Official Youtube account. 

Don't forget to invite your friends to use it squad skin lightborn (Tigreal, Alucard, Fanny, Harith, and Granger) or squad dark abyss (Selena, Alice, Thamuz, Helcurt and Argus) on a mission Road to Mythic let it be more interesting and more exciting to play!

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