Best Collection of Minecraft Stickers with High Quality

Minecraft stickers

Minecraft is a very popular game. With chart which is unique, this sandbox adventure and survival game is very popular with various gamers around the world. Therefore, many are looking for Minecraft stickers for their respective needs.

This time, VCGamers will provide some recommendations for Minecraft stickers as well as stickers that you can use in the iMessage application through the official App Store.

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Collection of Minecraft Stickers

The following is a collection of Minecraft stickers that you can use downloads. There is a collection of Steve, Mob, and animal stickers in the sandbox game. You can download the stickers below via the website listed.

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Steve's sticker

Steve's Minecraft sticker. Source: Stickers Cloud

Steve is the main character and protagonist in the game Minecraft. This character is the first model if you are new to playing Minecraft.

The sticker above shows some of Steve's expressions and there is a Minecraft version of Steve or a pixel model. There is also a Steve sticker with Alex, a female character in the game Minecraft.

If you want to use the sticker, then you can download the image above and crop it as you wish.

Apart from that, you can also visit the website Cloud stickers and download the latest Minecraft collections in high quality.

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Mob Sticker

Mob Minecraft stickers
Mob Minecraft stickers. Source: My Sticker Mania

Furthermore, there is a sticker in the form of a Mob in the Minecraft game. There are tons of mobs as enemies or friends when you play Minecraft.

For example, you can see a mob called Enderman with Kirby. Enderman can be found at night in random places and when fighting the End Dragon in the End Dimension.

Another very cool mob used as a sticker is the Creeper. Minecraft players certainly know this mob. Creeper can explode if you get close to it.

Sometimes, you can find Creepers in caves when mining and searching Diamonds. Apart from that, there is also a Skeleton Archer who is very annoying and can kill in the cave.

If you are interested, My Sticker Mania provides a fairly extensive collection of mob stickers and of course with high quality.

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Animal Collection

Animal Minecraft Stickers
Animal Minecraft Stickers. Source: PNGWing

Finally, you can see various cute animal stickers like the picture above. When you are adventurous, of course you have found various animals.

Some animals can provide benefits such as chickens that produce meat for stamina and fill hunger.

Apart from that, you can also adopt a dog to be a pet. By becoming a pet, the dog will have a red collar around its neck.

If you want to use these animal stickers, then you can visit the website PNG Wings which provides tons of transparent or PNG images about Minecraft.

Minecraft stickers for iPhone

Minecraft iPhone stickers
Minecraft stickers for iPhone. Source: Minecraft

Apart from third-party websites, Minecraft actually also provides stickers that you can download to communicate.

However, you can only use this collection of stickers for the iMessange iPhone application. Through the official website Minecraft, they announced that there is a collection of stickers with the theme of the sandbox game.

Because it is an official collection, of course this sticker collection is very complete and of high quality. Not limited to just mobs, Steve and animals, you can also see that there are stickers such as Diamond Ore to Diamond Sword.

Thus the discussion regarding Minecraft stickers, I hope this is useful!

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