How Meta Cloud Gaming Can Change How You Game


With all the disparate information about the Metaverse, Blockchain games, and Play-to-Earn games, it can be easy to miss some of the key features of the metaverse that could surprisingly impact the gaming industry.

One of the most underrated aspects of the metaverse's effect on games is the game Meta Cloud. Now, while the technology is still in development, like much of the Metaverse, there's a lot of excitement about how Meta Cloud games can change the way we game.

Luckily for us, Meta itself has outlined on its engineering site the ways meta cloud gaming will change the way we play games as we know them. If you want to see their sneak peek of how the game Meta Cloud will change the game, you can visit their site here.

However, in this article, we'll take a more general and broad look at some of Meta's plans for its cloud gaming model and try to tackle their plans in a way that's easier to digest and understand. This is because development outline Meta on their Meta Cloud infrastructure, which is very detailed, it's very technical.

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With that said, it's time to start talking about how Meta Cloud Gaming will change the way we play games as we know them.

Provide Low Latency Cloud Gaming

Meta says that their big priority in implementing Meta Cloud Gaming is providing a low latency experience for gamers.

What does this mean? When you play games in the cloud, you are basically streaming games from other computers to your own computer. It requires a strong and stable internet connection to run smoothly and properly.

Now, latency has been a longstanding problem for cloud gaming due to the instability in running everything on the internet. That's where Meta's Cloud Gaming comes in. Meta plans to provide players with the lowest possible latency by relying on edge computing, lowering the distance between gamers and their cloud gaming infrastructure.

They will do this by having state-of-the-art computing sites enabling smooth and stable cloud gaming experiences for gamers.

Reduced Lag for Video and Audio

Along with providing low latency gameplay, Meta's vision for their Cloud Gaming infrastructure includes bringing a seamless video and audio experience to any game streamed from the cloud.

According to Meta, they will use something called WebRTC with Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol technology to significantly improve user input streaming and audio and video frames for cloud gaming.

Making Cloud Gaming safe and secure

Another emphasis point for Meta in the Meta Cloud Gaming infrastructure is having a safe and secure cloud gaming experience. without logging in ins and outs, Meta said it acknowledged the security challenges posed by using Windows and Android-based systems.

Keeping this in mind, Meta plans to adopt different security measures such as “security code review, fuzz testing, threat modeling,” and many others to provide gamers with a seamless and secure cloud gaming experience that won't put their data at risk. fall into the wrong hands.

Gateway to the Metaverse

Last, but not least, the Cloud Gaming experience from Meta will be a great entry into the Metaverse experience as a whole. It's no secret that Metaverse will be a huge pillar in any cloud gaming service that Meta will provide gamers with. Whatever you think of the Metaverse right now, there's no denying that Meta is leading the way in trying to make waves in terms of innovating how we use the internet and how we might use it in the near future.

Therefore, the Meta Cloud Gaming infrastructure provided by Meta will be the perfect springboard for those looking to dive into the Metaverse at the same time. There is no better place or service if you are a potential Metaverse user.

And with that, we just finished talking about how Meta Cloud Gaming can change the way we play video games as we know them. Exciting times ahead!

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