Here's the Mistake of Maintaining a High KD FF Ratio Like a Pro Player

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There are lots of mistakes that players often make when maintaining a high KD FF ratio like a pro player. What are these errors? Read on this article.

KD FF ratio is one of the most important statistics in Free Fire. It displays the individual player's skill in battle by displaying the number of kills compared to the number of kills. While most of the players have average scores, some have very high scores that are nearly impossible to beat.

However, not everyone can get a decent KD FF ratio. Besides the difficult task itself, some mistakes made by players can make the task impossible. Luckily, most of these mistakes are trivial and can be avoided.

Are you unable to maintain a decent KD FF ratio while playing? Follow these tips to get better.

Don't Make This Mistake When Pushing Rank

The Battle Royale mode is the most popular mode in Free Fire. Here we will take a look at the top mistakes players make when pushing ranks and maintaining high KD in Free Fire.

Often Dies at the Beginning of the Game

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One of the most common mistakes that players make in Free Fire is attacking opponents when they land. While they can get lucky and beat enemies for easy kills, things can go the other way too. In such a case, there is a high probability of being eliminated from the match.

The easiest way to avoid this scenario is to not attack your opponent until the loot has been secured. While having the right equipment does not guarantee victory, it does increase the chances of winning.

However, to ensure that players survive through the early game, fighting should be avoided altogether.

Play With Random Squad

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More often than not, individuals get tired of grinding on Free Fire and decide to find a squad to play with. This makes things less monotonous because playing with other human players is refreshing. However, it is also risky, and the probability of death is higher.

When playing with random players, two main obstacles come into play: lack of communication and poor coordination. Due to these factors, completing anything during the game was out of the question. Even the simplest tasks, such as rotating and planning, can seem overwhelming.

By moving forward together, you can help each other in need in battle. Before playing, determine the role of each member and move in formation. Parting too far from the squad will only make you an easy target.

Trying to Play a Solo Versus Squad Match

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Solo versus squad matches and scenarios are some of the riskiest in Free Fire. A player must be able to defeat four opponents simultaneously. Even without considering the complex factors, players were already at a disadvantage due to being outnumbered.

Even if they managed to defeat two opponents, the FF's KD ratio wouldn't increase if they were killed immediately after. While 1v4 combat is a great way to rack up kills for points, it's also dangerous and can lead to early elimination.

Play Barbarian

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Many players in Free Fire choose a barbaric playing style in the game. They use custom-made characters, abilities, pets, and weapon skins to aid in battle. If players can execute the barbaric playstyle wisely, they will be rewarded with substantial points.

However, for the most part, this didn't pan out as expected. They often become overconfident and attack opponents blindly.

Suddenly, the situation reversed, and their opponent managed to gain the upper hand. Finally, the player is ejected from the match. Instead of increasing the KD FF ratio, it makes it worse.

The safe zone is one of the biggest concerns players have when pushing ranks in Free Fire. While players shouldn't panic if they get stuck outside a safe zone they should move strategically and look for vehicles instead of rushing straight into the safe zone.

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Starting the Fight While At a Disadvantage

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In search of kills to increase FF's KD ratio like pro players, many players tend to go over the limit during battle.

Even when the chips are down, they attack the enemy in hopes of getting a kill. However, since the player is at a disadvantage, the enemy can secure the kill with a counterattack.

While this may not be the same for all such encounters, the trend is likely to continue in most cases. This will make it almost impossible for players to win the fight.

Under these circumstances, the best thing for players to do was get out of harm's way and live to fight another day.

Approaching enemies from low ground is one of the main mistakes players make when pushing ranks in Free Fire.

Higher ground always provides a high chance of survival and win the battle and finish the enemy quickly. So you have to avoid approaching enemies from the lowlands at all costs.

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Those are the reasons and some mistakes that players often make when trying to maintain a high KD ratio like a Free Fire pro player. So, do you often make the mistakes above?

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