LokiCraft, PC Game Similar to Minecraft with Better Graphics

Despite the old-school pixel-based graphics, Minecraft has evolved to become the best-selling game of all time. This box view game has sold over 200 million copies and is visited by over 126 million monthly users. As with most popular games on PC, clones started appearing on various gaming platforms. This applies to Minecraft with presence LokiCraft by indie game developers.

Cloned games often emulate the main features and gameplay mechanics of the original game but use a different engine. Most of these games are terrible, unplayable, error-ridden, and riddled with bugs. However, there was one good clone that appeared, one such example is LokiCraft.

LokiCraft is a game inspired by Minecraft. This game was developed by accento2, an indie video game developer based in Russia. Since its official launch on April 26, 2019, LokiCraft has evolved from a humble indie video game to a beloved game with over 50 million installs and hundreds of thousands of 5-star reviews from its growing community of fans. Because of this, many are interested in LokiCraft to try and see what makes this clone game stand out from the rest.


One of the advantages of games with pixel-based graphics is that they last a long time. Compared to the realistically rendered graphics often found in today's games, the blocky or pixelated presentation LokiCraft does not require highly detailed characters or items. Also, the best part is that LokiCraft operates at 60FPS, making the gaming experience more interesting and smooth.

Compared to other pixel-based games, the graphics quality in LokiCraft is standard. That said, the game's frame rate is more than enough to make exploration and other activities in the game as interesting as possible. In other words, LokiCraft comes with above average audio-visual elements to keep players engaged in the game for hours on end.


The audio presented in the LokiCraft game is standard. Audio effects are similar to game visuals which can be classified as standard. Nothing special, but it works in harmony with the overall gameplay presented.

The Gameplay

LokiCraft presents how to play like Minecraft. Thanks to the high-definition graphics, players can move freely through the map without any hassle, making exploration a pleasure. Talking about the map, the LokiCraft map is very wide and complete with various resources waiting to be exploited. From the overall gameplay design to the creation mechanics, LokiCraft is by far one of the best clones available which can be downloaded and installed on PC completely free.


LokiCraft has two control schemes to choose from, namely the keyboard and the joystick controller. The first control scheme is the keyboard, which is customizable. The second option is the controller, which deals with customizable joystick controllers. Players can also use the game's touch controls if the PC does support the touch screen feature. Overall, having a variety of controller options makes omo a more accessible and user-friendly game compared to other Minecraft clone games.

Game Modes

LokiCraft has two game modes namely Creative Mode and Survival Mode. Creative Mode allows players to show off their creative prowess by creating structures/buildings anywhere on the vast map. The other game mode is called Survival mode, which encourages players to hunt and scavenge for various materials and equipment to craft and construct various structures on the map. These two LokiCraft game modes feature a near perfect game experience.

For players who have never before experienced a fun and creativity-stimulating activity similar to Minecraft, LokiCraft is by far one of the best clone games that can provide the best experience of building, creating and searching. Although LokiCraft doesn't have the best visuals, the gameplay structure and every other element in the game work perfectly with each other.

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