Valorant's 17th Latest Agent Leak “Deadeye”

Valorant's Newest Agent

Hello vicigers, inauguration Valorant Episode 3 has really shaken up Riot's most popular tactical FPS, with major changes to everything from weapons to Valorant's newest agent. Episode 3, Chapter 1 also introduced us to Valorant's newest agent, KAY/O, a war machine that dominates every match.

However, with KAY/O just released from the Killjoy labs, Riot has teased what could be the game's seventeenth newest Valorant agent. In celebration of Valorant's one year anniversary, Riot released a music video titled 'Year One Anthem'. The anthem showcases all that Valorant has offered over the past year, though fans were quick to show new faces during retrospect.

It seems that Valorant's newest agent is 'Deadeye', Valorant's newest agent. While little is known about Deadeye at this time, dataminers are already hard at work combing through the game's code for even the tiniest bits of information about who Deadeye is and what he will ultimately bring to the game.

And of course, we've rounded it all up so far here for your convenience. So without further ado, here's everything we know so far about Deadeye, including its release date and abilities.

Valorant's Latest Agent Leaks “Deadeye”

Valorant's Newest Agent

Valorant Deadeye Release Date

So far the release date for the newest Valorant agent Deadeye has not been set. However, if Episode 3 act 1 lasts 2 months, we could potentially see Deadeye release in late August when Episode 3, act 2 kicks off..

Valorant Deadeye Trailer

Deadeye doesn't have a special release trailer yet, but it was teased during Valorant's 'Year One Anthem' celebratory video. He appears at around 3:22 minutes, though we recommend turning the speed up to 0.25 to make it easier for you to spot him.

Loremaster Valorant 'Cynprel' has also shown off a number of concept sketches of the game's seventeenth agent, which also appear in the video.

Deadeye Rumors and Leaks

Along with the concept art for the new agent, the so-called 'Deadeye' name was also seen during the Year One Anthem song teaser. Valorant dataminer 'floxayyy' later reported that 'Deadeye' was also present in the game's code.

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Valorant Deadeye Ability

With a codename like 'Deadeye' and a gun that big, it's not hard to imagine that the next agent will be far removed from an Initiator like KAY/O. While there are no official details yet on what the Deadeye kit will look like, we can take a wild guess at what that might be.

Based on the assumption that Deadeye will be an agent who works best from a distance, we can just see a high caliber weapon, which is able to beat opponents easily. So we can see this as perhaps his ultimate ability.

True to its nickname 'Deadeye' and to actually be able to reach possible targets we can also see there are some forms of reconnaissance tools in the agent's arsenal. After all, every sniper needs a spotter. This may be some form of thermal vision feature built into the weapon, given that drones (Sova) and cameras (Cypher) have been integrated elsewhere. Alternatively, the markings in his eyes may have some form of power.

Snipers will also want to use an advanced warning system, or maybe even some traps to give them plenty of time to reposition themselves if an enemy agent gets too close to their position.

The three capsule-shaped diamonds attached to the side of Deadeye's gun in the Year One Anthem Song concept art may be the answer to how this came to be.

Finally, it should come as no surprise that Deadeye has some well-designed movement kit up his sleeve, should he finally find his bearings. This could be smoker-based, perhaps in a way to temporarily confuse the attacker while he escapes. 'Deadeeye' could have a more literal meaning as agents have the ability to obscure or confuse vision. associated with agent signatures.

Everything here is of course just guesswork, and predictive only in Deadeye's theme as a sniper. After all, the agent's last equipment must also take into account the time when he is not hiding in one position.

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