Here Are 3 Ways To Build The Perfect Valorant Team!

Here Are 3 Ways To Build The Perfect Valorant Team!

Hello Vicigers, this time we will discuss how to build a team Valorant perfect and solid.

Valorant differs from other tactical shooter games in that it offers an ability-based character system. Instead of immediately buying all kinds of utilities before the round starts, players must also buy slot abilities and weapons. The slot abilities are directly related to the types of utilities each character can use. Building the perfect team composition means choosing the right agent before the game starts and ensuring that the agent has all the skills and abilities you need to win.

However, this is easier said than done. Currently, there are approximately 16 agents in the game, which allows for a variety of different Valorant team compositions. How do you choose a team composition that works and includes all the utilities you need to reap victory?

The Way To Build The Perfect Valorant Team!


Here Are 3 Ways To Build The Perfect Valorant Team!

Zeek tells us that there are no agents that are not needed in every team composition. He says,

You only have to get certain utilities from the agent. For example, you want to be a smoker and you can if you choose a smoker agent that suits your playing style.

It's all about the different kinds of utilities that each agent brings. No agent 'owns' the ability to work across all maps, Zeek explains: “It always depends on the map.”

Regarding the meta, the G2 star said that there really isn't any meta at the moment,

Each team is unique in their approach to the game and they play different agents that suit it, no meta at all.

However, that doesn't mean that teams can easily choose a random agent that they master. As zeek explained,

Picking five duelists means you're really weak against operators, because you don't have the smoke/flash to get past the push point and it forces you to play only in one style all the time, which makes you predictably easy.

So it's a good idea to have enough utility in your Valorant team so you can change it from time to time. Remember, more utility means more choices.

Use Dual Roles

Here Are 3 Ways To Build The Perfect Valorant Team!

If you have read our article about choosing the right agent for your playing style, you should know that there are a number of roles that agents have. On that, zeek says that, while it varies from map to map, the T-side should always have fragger and lurker entries, support players to back them up and operator players (classic marksman). CT is a little different; here you see two anchors. Agent anchors are used to lock down the site itself, good examples of agents that can easily defend sites are Cypher and Viper. Anchor is joined by two support players and their own operator cast.

However, Zeek explains that agents can fulfill many roles,

You can play Breach Support, or you can play Breach Anchor. Many teams put Breach on A-site in the Split and pick with a flash from the elbow/side and give them the role of anchor.

He also said that changing composition requires you to think about your Valorant team game plan before the game starts. What are the advantages of your composition? What are the downsides? If you have the answers to these questions, you'll have a better idea of what to expect once you're actually in the game.

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Get Ready To Adjust In Game

Here Are 3 Ways To Build The Perfect Valorant Team!

So, you've carefully considered the composition of your Valorant team and are ready to jump into the game. One minute of the match running and your Raze is hit by a shot, can your Valorant team composition still do what it's supposed to do, even with players who are down? Not always, says zeek,

For example sometimes you can lose players with smoke, which means that the plan to do full execution on a site doesn't work anymore, because you don't have the utility for smoke. corner.

Losing agents early means that the attacking team is often scrambling and looking for kills on the other side of the map. Losing a player doesn't make you lose, but it's impossible to be prepared for every situation, so shooting well can make up for the fact that you can no longer execute your Valorant team's strategy. If your composition doesn't work and you lose the game, fear not. As zeek will tell us; professional players rethink their strategies all the time. They often take on an entirely new agent and have never worked from there. If the play style doesn't suit you, or a certain team doesn't work simply change it and try again!

Maybe this article has come here first, you can use this article as your reference when playing Valorant with friends or teammates. And hopefully this article can improve your game while in the game.

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