Important! 14 ML Major Buff Leaks to Watch Out for

The current Major Buff ML leak is unexpected. Many tank heroes eventually have quite drastic improvements. Maybe, in the next season, tank heroes will actually be used.

After, Update Bloody Retribution is used for tanks. There must be some adjustments or buffs that Moonton did. Moonton explained that tank heroes also need to be buffed and adjusted to what the player wants.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a 5 vs 5 mobile MOBA game that is widely played by various groups around the world, especially in Southeast Asia.

Do you want to know more about major buff ml leaks? The following is a full review of the VCGamers version.

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Major Buff ML Leaks

Major Buff ML Leaks

Currently, many tank heroes have been buffed and revamped. Because, the current hero tank is not only used for roaming. There are several tank heroes that you can use as junglers, offlaners or midlaners. Of course, this is very silly but it has a good impact on the team if you can do it well. Let's take a peek at which heroes are buffed by Moonton.

Revamped Akai

Revamped Akai

The first major ml buff leak is akai. The first tank hero to be revamped this year is Akai. Akai's Ultimate Skill will return to normal.

This Knocked back effect certainly makes it very easy for you to use the panda hero.

As for some of these adjustments, it is very necessary because it is very difficult to use Akai in the ultimate enhancement used.

New Hero Xavier

New ML Hero Xavier

The hero that is predicted to be OP is definitely one that many players have been waiting for. Before entering the next season.

Xavier has made changes or adjustments but not significant enough in Skill 1 and Skill 2. This Major Buff leak is something you really have to look at because it's more impressive for Xavier.

This can be more effective again in using this one hero.

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For those of you who have trouble using the ultimate hero. No need to worry anymore Moonton has fixed this. So, you can more easily use the ultimate hero properly.

However, there has been a change in the damage boots, which was 40% now to 15%, of course this can be reconsidered when you are playing a hero. But the increase in vision reveal, which was previously 6 seconds, was adjusted to just 5 seconds.

Wanwan will be even more balanced than before.


Belerick hero

Ultimate from bellerick will be faster than before. However, the passive of the hero is less to eat up his HP which was 40% to 30%. Passive will also turn on when the closest distance. So you have to be careful with marksman or other long-range heroes.


Build Masha Mobile Legends

Another Major Buff leak came to Masha's current HP, which is 165 out of 51. Skill 1 gets a buff that previously only took 2.5% – 3.5%.

Then, for the next cellphone, you can use 4%. So when you reduce the bar it can be used as one of the bar 1 it will be livelier and there is no indication whatsoever.

Damage also increases to 500-700 Physical Damage.



This major buff leak is specifically for fighter hero users. Guin will get a buff and become a good crowd control hero to use next season. It's easier for you to get spam skill 1 than before.


Game Hilda

Maybe, Meta Hilda will be an iconic one and you can use it later. Hilda's Damage and Durability are increasing. Hilda's ultimate is also very good because the cooldown is also reduced. Basic attack with skill 2 is now 210 – 380 Cooldown in 6s.

The basic attack is also buffed and when the stack is full it can provide enough HP.

Hilda's Regen is getting crazier again, of course you must use this one hero in the next season or after this buff.

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Grock is a very elegant leaked ml buff hero. Because the buff given is very impressive with other heroes. Get a buff for high defense and extra physical attacks on his passive which was 0.5 now to 0.7.

If you are near the walls in the Land Of Dawn this hero's HP Regen will increase from 16-39 now to 22-90 when combined with antique cuirass or radiant armor, of course even better.

The ultimate is more stun and adjustments to the crowd control. You must use it during the next patch update!


Counter Edith MLBB Gatotkaca

You don't need to use magic items again to make Gatotkaca's damage hurt. Currently skill 1, skill 2 and even the ultimate have been buffed properly and packaged more practically than before.

It's easier for you to clear minnions using only skill 1, the stun from skill 2 increases 200% and the ultimate really needs Crowd Control which you can use later to initiate your opponent.


Major Buff Martis Leaks

The next major buff leak comes from a heroic fighter hero. Martis did a lot of buffs from skill 1 to his ultimate. This is certainly very profitable for Martis to break down direct attacks on opponents.

Physical Damage is currently 150-170 +50% and that doesn't include the combined build items. And there are many more improvements achieved by this hero.



Zhask is currently one of the leaked major buff ml heroes which is quite satisfying. Because now zhask has a magical lifesteal which is good for those of you who often play zhask.

Especially now that inspire has a lifesteal effect, so it sells really well when combined!



Next is hylos. Lots of HP attribute improvements to optimize. You can use Hylos now to become a jungler or NB-in to your friends later.



Dizzy with the old ultimate cooldown. This ml major buff leak will make Atlas players happy. The ultimate cooldown has now been reduced and his passive has gotten crazier!

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Baxia MLBB's Best Counter Hero

The last major buff leak is Baxia. Maybe not many thought this hero would get a buff because the adjustment was quite good in the previous patch. But you have to thank moonton the damage and cooldown of this hero are adjusted even less than before.


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