Get to know Chong Mobile Legends Hero Skills

The publisher of the Mobile Legends game in mid-2020 released the newest hero named Chong and placed it on the Advance Server. Prior to that, Popol and Kupa were also released but placed on the Original Server. Hero Chong Mobile Legends can incarnate as a Dragon. That means that two heroes have been placed on the advance server that have not yet been released for the original server. The second is the hero Luo Yi.
Hero Chong can transform into a giant flying dragon that deals damage and CC when hitting enemies. Hero Chong Mobile Legends brings 4 main skills that can be relied upon to attack opponents. Chong is a fighter type hero with a specialty charge or damage. For statistical data, it is roughly equivalent to other Mobile Legends heroes. This hero has considerable durability and offense. Therefore, the attacks he does are large so that he can withstand the damage that hits him.
Hero Chong in Mobile Legends is right when he is positioned as an offlaner like the heroes X.Borg, Uranus and Thamuz. Moreover, Chong's hero has an ability effect that is effective when in the position of a fighter or offlaner. Hero Chong is unique when compared to most fighter type heroes. Because Chong brings 4 active skills plus 1 passive skill. Characteristics of Hero Chong Mobile Legends skills are as follows:
Cursing Touch
This is a passive skill that is owned. So every time Chong's hero attacks the enemy, he immediately rewards a stack, namely Sha Essence. Once you reach up to 6 stacks, the enemy automatically experiences physical damage every 0.8 seconds until the stacks run out. Stacks disappear one by one when the opponent receives
damage from Chong's passive skill. This Cursing Touch passive skill is pretty great. Because Chong immediately gets HP regen worth 25 percent of his HP which comes out when the enemy dies using the Essence sha stack. Besides that, Chong's hero immediately gets an extra 25 percent for Movement Speed.
hero Chong Mobile Legends
Besides having solid passive skills, the hero Chong in Mobile Legends also has quite annoying skills. This active skill instantly
changed the robe Chong wore as a weapon. When the player activates this skill, Chong immediately spins and then the enemies standing around him automatically experience physical damage. But opponents who are in the middle of the skill only experience 40 percent damage. So that the Dragon Tail skill is not effective enough when used and too close to the opponent.
Besides having high HP regeneration resulting from passive skills, the Chong Mobile Legends hero also brings the greatness of Crowd Control. This second skill has a mechanism like the ultimate skill that Atlas has. Enemies who feel this skill immediately experience a link aura. After some
seconds, the enemy hit by the link is automatically attracted to Chong's hero to receive physical damage. The enemy will experience a slow effect
by 40 percent for 1 second.
Furious Dive
So with this skill, Chong Mobile Legends' hero will jump to the point the player wants where the enemy is in the coverage skill
immediately feel the physical attack. Furthermore, the enemy also receives a knock-up effect for 1 second. Thanks to this skill, Chong's hero is a fighter type with pretty good initiator skills using this skill.
Black DragonForm
With this one skill, Chong's hero is similar to Kaido because he can transform into a giant dragon covered in darkness. Chong stays in that mode for 5 seconds. Hero Chong also becomes immune with the CC effect. Enemies attacked by the dragon then experience physical damage effects plus a mini stun. Hero Chong Mobile Legends doesn't care about the terrain whether it's a wall or a base. Players can
tapping this skill again if you want to close dragon mode but can also allow 5 seconds to exit itself from this mode. After that, Chong's hero switches to half-dragon human form and lasts for 10 seconds. When incarnating in that form, skills 2 and 3 increase for damage and attack coverage. This Black Dragon Form skill is pretty good if you want to start a war or otherwise run away.
Hero Chong Mobile Legends is quite OP. This hero has a large HP regeneration, has DPS, full of CC skills, plus high durability. Can
so this hero can replace the position of Uranus and Thamuz heroes which are currently the most powerful offlaners. Hero Chong Mobile Legends is finally placed on the original server.
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