Get to know the Offlaner Mobile Legends Champion, RRQ R7

In esports competitions, especially the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, a number of Indonesian pro players are highly regarded for their prowess. That includes RRQ R7 who was dubbed the new lord offlaner. Maintaining the title of champion is indeed more difficult than obtaining it. This factor is due to self-satisfaction will only make you careless.

And the opposing party will not remain silent and continue to try to learn both in terms of technique and team cohesiveness. Therefore, the ambition to become a champion should not subside in the slightest. RRQ R7 is the designation of a pro Mobile Legends player with the real name Rivaldi Fatah. RRQ R7 is one of the players who always sticks to this principle. Even though he once won the Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) Season 5 event, that did not diminish his ambition in winning the championship trophy one bit.

As a result, in the MPLI 4 Nation Cup championship-a warm-up tournament held pre-MPL, one RRQ R7 can lead the RRQ Hoshi team to win the top title. It didn't stop there, RRQ R7 also succeeded in leading RRQ Hoshi as the back to back champion of MPL Indonesia Season 5 and Season 6 thereby making new history in Mobile Legends esports. It can be said that MPL Indonesia Season 6 was not easy for RRQ R7 and members of the RRQ Hoshi team. The departure of RRQ Xinnn, who previously served as the main core in the regular season, also caused RRQ Hoshi's team to fall to the bottom of the standings. Of course, it is difficult to return to the top because other teams are also rapidly improving the ability of their team members.

RRQ R7 in Mobile Legends is the offlane guard for the RRQ Hoshi team who can play really well. Repeatedly RRQ R7 was able to save the team it defended. Including relying on Chou's hero which allowed RRQ Hoshi to face the Geek Fam team again. Interestingly enough, when RRQ R7 led RRQ Hoshi to win the MPL Indonesia Season 6, he was awarded the title of being the player with the highest hero pool where he has run as many as 16 heroes during the current season. The heroes used from Yu Zhong were 11 matches which at that time were one of the top choices of heroes until Dyroth and Masha's heroes were not included in the META heroes at that time. RRQ R7 can prove the prowess of mastering a line of Mobile Legends heroes.

According to game statistics issued by MPL Indonesia, it has that many hero pools, then RRQ R7 successfully eliminating opponents 134 times at once resulting in an average of 3,810 DPM (damage per minute). In addition, he can also get 648.2 gold per minute (GPM) plus assists up to 246 times. That's why RRQ R7 was named Mandiri First Team MPL Indonesia Season 6 and was chosen as the strongest offlaner in the Land of Dawn.

After his brilliance in bringing the RRQ team as the defending champion, the attraction that ML fans have been waiting for the most is RRQ R7's performance in the M2 event, the world cup competition in the style of Mobile Legends: Bang-bang. It is understandable that in the M1 competition, RRQ R7, who at that time was a rookie, RRQ Hoshi did not even participate because his health condition was not fit.

MPL Indonesia's most powerful Offlaner ruler finally brought RRQ Hoshi to be able to reach third place in the M2 Mobile Legends World Championship world competition which was held in Singapore. Congratulations for RRQ R7.

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