King Tekken 8: Attack Combo and Fighting Strategy Guide

King Tekken 8 Combo

Tekken 8 have variety character with a large collection of combos too. One of the Tekken 8 characters who has acrobatic attack combos is King. 

King is a character who specializes in martial arts wrestling. The attack combos and strategies used by King are different from several other characters.

If Vicigers If you are interested in mastering this character, you must get used to applying King's combos and fighting strategies.

So, for those of you who don't know what King's fighting strategy and combos are like, you must read the following review.

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King Tekken 8 at a glance 

King's appearance in Tekken 8
King's appearance in Tekken 8. Source: Bandai Namco Europe

King is a fighter in the Tekken game who fights using a typical wrestler style. To become a great King player, you have to master various types of kicks and locks so you can land attacks consistently.

But you can't use King's slam technique all the time. Because a great opponent will definitely break King's kick easily. 

You have to master several King attack combos that don't just focus on slams and locks. 

Before knowing how Tekken 8 character combos King, you must understand the following combo notation below. 

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Combo Notation

Tekken Characters
King. Source: Xbox Community

Before reading the combo formula which will be explained later. It's a good idea to read the following notation. 

This notation is intended to be helpful Vicigers understand combos Tekken 8 characters King and others more quickly. 

You can screenshots This notation makes it easier to find when practicing Tekken 8 characters other than King. 

Notation Action
1 Left Punch (Square/X)
2 Right Uppercut (Triangle/Y)
3 Left Kick (Cross / A)
4 Right Kick (Round / B)
N Neutral (Not Pressing Buttons)
F Proceed
B Back off
u On
D Lower
D/F, D/B, U/F, U/B Down Forward, Down Back, Up Forward, Up Back
QCF/QCB Quarter Circle Forward / Quarter Circle Back
SS/SSR/SSL Sidestep / Sidestep Right / Sidestep Left
FC Fully Crouched
WS While Standing / While Rising
WR WhileRunning
( ) Rapidly press one after the other
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Combo King Tekken 8 

King Tekken 8 at Fight
King Tekken 8 at Fight. Source: Bandai Namco

King is a character who relies on slams at the end of combos. It would be better if you get used to landing slam combos when your opponent is in the air. Do the following King combos in practice mode first:

Combo Hit Launcher King

  • Combo 7 Hits + 61 Damage: U/F4 F Button 3 1,2 B1, 2 FFF2 + 4
  • Combo 8 Hits + 67 Damage: U/F4 4 F, F (Dash) D/F4, 3, 1, 2 U/F2+4 (Hold Back) FFF2+4
  • Combo 8 Hits + 72 Damage: Crouch D/F2 Walk Forward F3 D/F4 Button 3 1,2 U/F3+4
  • Combo 8 Hits + 74 Damage: D/F2 F,N,D,D/F 1+2 D/F4,3 1,2 U/F3+ Button 4 (Hold Back) FFF2+ Button 4
  • Combo 8 Hits + 76 Damage:  D1+2 (Delay) F1+ Button 2 D/F4, Button 3, 1, 2 U/F3+4 (Hold B) FFF Button 2+4

Best Combo Low Parry King 

  • Combo 6 Hits + 36 Damage: D/F F3 D/F + Buttons 4, 3 , 2 + F2, Button 1

Heat King

  • U/F 4, b 2 4 , During Heat F 2 1 F , F2 + 4, FFF 2+4
  • During Heat F 2 1 F , B 3, F 2 1
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Strategy for Playing King Tekken 8

Tekken King characters
Tekken King characters. Source: Youtube Amor King

Although the main technique of the character Tekken 8 it focuses on wrestler-style slams and locks. You cannot use this main technique all the time. 

You have to apply other strategies in order to become player A tough, undefeated king.

King is a Tekken character with a good poke game, take advantage of this fast attack to hit your opponent while minimizing being hit counter attacks. Use poke attacks with combos D/F+1, F+1 and D/F+4.

Combine poke with King's frame advantage moves to provoke your opponent's counterattack.

If your opponent responds with a strong attack, respond using strong punish with a combo B+1,2 or F+2,1,4. 

Please try the combos summarized above. Hopefully this information can help you become more skilled at mastering this character!

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