KAY/O: KAY/O Line Up In Haven Valorant Map!

Hello Vicigers, in this article we will discuss the KAY/O lineup on the Haven map Valorant. And there are definitely many here who like to use KAY/O agents in every match.

KAY/O, the Valorant robot initiator agent who can make matches easy to win in Haven, by using several strong lineups.

This terminator robot has a variety of abilities, from a suppression blade to a pair of flashes and grenades. His motto is to neutralize Radiant in Valorant. The role of the Initiator can make agents reliable in terms of gunplay and the use of the right abilities. Therefore, KAY/O is a great choice to play in Haven if the player has proper knowledge of the agent lineup.

Haven has three sites, which set it apart from other maps in Valorant. Thus, KAY/O can make both attack and defense easy with their easy lineup too.

The lineup will help players face enemies without risking their teammates in Valorant. However, to run it, a player needs to have proper knowledge of the map and have a good taste in the game.

KAY/O Lineup On Valorant's Haven Map!

KAY/O lineup for Site A Haven in Valorant

ZERO/Point Lineup

KAY/O : KAY/O lineup on Haven Map Valorant!

For the ZERO/point lineup at Site A Haven in Valorant, players must climb onto the sandbags at A Long, near the A Lobby door. Then the center of the corner needs to be marked. When finished, the player must fire a ZERO/point ability at the target.

When the sword is thrown, it will land in the center of the site and force incoming enemies to be hit by the radius of the ability.


KAY/O : KAY/O lineup on Haven Map Valorant!

If the team is planning to attack through A Short to enter Site A in Haven, then this KAY/O lineup might be useful for holding off enemies who want to peek in the A Long area.

Player must stand in the corner of the Park. Then look up and aim some distance from the roof of A Lobby. The crosshair will be in the center of the roof edge.

Then after being thrown, the grenade will hit the A Long wall and fall at the entrance to Site A.

KAY/O lineup for B Haven Site in Valorant

ZERO/Point Lineup

KAY/O : KAY/O lineup on Haven Map Valorant!

Attacking Site B on the Haven Valorant map can be risky without a strong lineup. Therefore, the suppression blade can restrain the enemy from using their abilities. This will make things easier for the team to win the fight.

However, to do so, the player must stand between the Mid Window and place the crosshair on the line behind the wall. It will hit everyone in Site B.


KAY/O : KAY/O lineup on Haven Map Valorant!

Making a grenade fall in Site B, to be precise at the main entrance from Mid, can be said to be easy without peeking first. This can only be done with a strong KAY/O lineup.

Players must aim at the red line on the wall of the building, then bring the vertical crosshair up on the window frame, in the Mid Window.

Then to throw a grenade, the player needs to walk a little then throw it to hit and bounce off the wall. It will fall right at the entrance to site B and explode.

KAY/O lineup for C Haven Site in Valorant

ZERO/Point Lineup

Attackers often push through C Long, at Site C Haven, but it's a narrow road that leads to the site. Therefore, the ZERO/point lineup can make it easier for teams to push into the site, by suppressing their opponents so they don't come out of hiding.

Therefore, a player should go to the corner of C Long, near the entrance to C Lobby. Then aim for the lower leaves, and throw Zero/Point to the area. It will hit Site C and suppress the enemy.

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KAY/O : KAY/O lineup on Haven Map Valorant!

Players must attack at the same position as the previous ZERO/point KAY/O lineup. However, shifted slightly to the other side. Players must aim at the leaves on the roof, near the point of intersection.

The grenade will be dropped at the entrance to site C, at Site C Haven. This will keep enemies from entering from the C Haven site.

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