Terizla's 2022 Painful Build Item Recommendations

This time we will review the painful Terizla build item in the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Those of you who want to use this hero certainly need to know about it.

You need to arrange the 2022 Terizla pain build item when using this hero. Because, it will greatly affect your game as a whole.

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Using the right build item will allow you to optimize the potential of your hero. Thus, Terizla can provide painful attacks for opposing heroes facing him. Apart from that, this Terizla build item will also allow you to overcome the shortcomings of this hero.

Skill Terizla Mobile Legends

Terizla Mobile Legends MLBB cannot be opened

You need to know and understand the Terizla skill that you will be able to use in the Mobile Legends game. Because it will greatly affect your game.

You can also determine the most suitable Terizla build item when you know the skills he has.

Understanding the skills of the heroes we use will allow us to analyze a number of things and make the right decisions when in the Land of Dawn.

Because we can determine which skill we use first and after. Besides that, we can determine when is the most appropriate time to use Terizla's skills when dealing with opposing heroes.

passive – Body of Smith

Terizla's passive skill is Body of Smith. Later, when 2 percent of Terizla's lost HP will be converted up to 1 to a maximum of 35 percent Damage Reduction. However, the Attack Speed of the hero cannot be increased.

Later, an additional 1 percent Attack Speed will be changed to 1 Physical Attack.

When Terizla's HP gets lower, this hero's resistance to the Damage given will also be higher. So, he can attack effectively when carrying out a war team.

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Skill 1 – Revenge Strike

Terizla's 1st Skill is Revenge Strike. He will Smash to the ground using the Hammer he has. This causes the cracks to spread and makes the opposing hero who comes into contact with the cracks get Physical Damage.

The first enemy hero hit will lose Movement Speed. Conversely, Terizla will actually get additional Movement Speed.

The opposing hero will get an explosion of Physical Damage which is known to be equivalent to 10 percent of his HP.

This skill is a Poke Skill. The reason is, Terizla's Movement Speed will increase while the opposing hero's Movement Speed decreases.

With this skill, Terizla can chase enemy heroes or easily escape when in a desperate situation.

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Skill 2 – Execution Strike

Terizla's 2nd Skill is Execution Strike. Your hero will swing the hammer he has forward. To be precise, to the fan-shaped area in front of him.

You can use this skill up to 3 times to give Physical Damage.

The first 2 swings will give Physical Damage to the opposing hero. Meanwhile, the third swing will give Physical Damage and a Slow effect on the opponent's Movement Speed. The Slow effect can also be stacked.

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Ultimate – Penalty Zone

Terizla's ultimate skill is the Penalty Zone. This hero will jump to the area that you have specified to give a blow to the ground.

The blow causes the opposing team's hero to receive 300 (+ 100% Total Physical ATK) (Physical Damage) Damage. Apart from that, it will also make the opposing hero experience a Slow effect of up to 45%.

Terizla will also summon Scaffold. Then, Scaffold can reach Hook towards the opponent and pull it up several times. Each Hook will give the opposing hero 150 (+30% Total Physical ATK) (Physical Damage).

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Terizla's 2022 Painful Build Item Recommendations

After knowing Terizla's skills, this time we will review the 2022 Terizla pain build item in the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

You can determine the Terizla build item by knowing the skills the hero has. Now, let's review the recommended Terizla build item in the Mobile Legends game.

Bloodlust Ax

Bloodlust Ax okay
Bloodlust Ax

Bloodlust Ax is a build item that Terizla needs to buy. By using this item, Terizla will provide Cooldown Reduction and Physical Attack.

Warrior Boots

Warrior-Boots - Barats build
Warrior Boots

The next item is Warrior Boots. You need to buy this item when compiling the painful Terizla build item. This item will provide additional Movement Speed and Physical Defense.

Warrior Boots has a Unique Passive-Valor. This will increase Terizla's Physical Defense by 5 to 25 every time he receives a Basic Attack. Later, this effect will last for 3 seconds.

War Ax

War Ax okay
War Ax

The next item is the War Ax. This item can provide additional Physical Attack, HP and Cooldown Reduction.

War Ax has a Unique Passive-Fighting Spirit. Thus, Terizla can deal Damage to opponents in the form of 9 Physical Attacks and 3 Physical Penetrations within 3 seconds in a row.

Queen's Wings

Queen's Wings
Queen's Wings

The next item you need to buy is Queen's Wings. This item will provide additional Physical Attack, HP and Cooldown Reduction.

You need to buy this item when compiling Terizla's sick build items in the Mobile Legends game.

This item has a Unique Passive-Demonize. Thus, damage received when HP is less than 40 percent will be reduced by 20 percent. Apart from that, it will also increase your Spell Vamp by up to 25 percent in 5 seconds.

Blade of Despair

Blade of Despire

The next item that became the painful Terizla build was Blade of Despair or BOD. This item will provide 160 Physical Attack and additional Movement Speed.

BOD has a Unique Passive-Despair. Terizla's Physical Attack will increase by 25 percent when he attacks an opponent's hero with HP below 50 percent.



The next item is Immortality. This item has a Unique Passive-Immortal. Your hero will resurrect when 2.5 seconds after being eliminated.

Terizla will also get up to 16 percent of HP and Shiel who can absorb 220 – 1200 Damage.

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