The Most Painful Moskov Build Item in Mobile Legends 2022

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Do you know what Moskov build items hurt? If not, we will provide a recommendation for the Moskov build item that hurts the most Mobile Legends 2022.

In terms of attack speed stats, Moskov is one of the best heroes in this category. Gold Lane has been a very important lane from last season in Mobile Legends and recently the Inspire battle spell has been adjusted.

With this change, many off META snipers have become very popular in the gold lane. This hero is very scary in the late game. He is also called a Late game monster.

He is very unique because of his ability to stun enemies on walls for a long time. Well-trained Moskov players can carry matches easily with proper positioning and good item taste. 

In this new season, Moskov is slowly starting to see his fame and is often picked up by players to use in ranked matches.

In this Mobile Legends guide, we will see the sickest Moskov build in Mobile Legends 2022.

List of Moskov MLBB Build Items

You can try many Moskov builds. All one needs to do is follow the enemy's choices and then decide on a role on the battlefield. We've prepared the following templates to try with your Moskov battlefield build.

Swift Boots

Build Moscow

This hero requires an attack speed item to deal damage. His passive provides an additional 15 percent attack speed or warrior boots in the early game if he encounters physical damage from a fighter or MM dealer.


Build Moscow

This item is one of the core items for the Moskov build. Attack speed was very important to him. This item provides 40 percent attack speed and also a critical chance, with this item he will be able to deal good damage in the early game.

Berserker's Fury

Build Moscow
Berserkers Fury

This item is one of the core items for Moskov because it increases crit chance. This helps destroy enemies with basic attacks. The role of this Berserker's Fury is that it will provide 50 percent physical attack and + 25 percent crit. It's possible that the hero used will be very painful.

Addition of attribute: It will give +40 percent passive damage from passive crit and critical hits will increase the hero's fission attack by 5 percent for 2 seconds.

Scarlet Phantom

Build Moscow

Provides attack speed with a critical chance. So it's also a good item for him. Combining this with pre-crafted items can do an insane amount of damage.

Scarlet Phantom deals +30 physical attack + 20 percent attack speed + 25 percent critical strike chance from a unique passive. Critical Strike increases the hero's attack speed by 30 percent, and critical strike chance by 5 percent and Lasts 2 seconds.

Wind of Nature

Build Moscow
Wind Of Nature

Wind of Nature is the best item to deal with physical damage dealers. His passive is great for overpowering enemies. Activating Wind Chant makes you immune to all physical attacks for 2 seconds and also gives life steal.

Apart from increasing physical attack, attack speed and physical lifesteal, WON items are also widely used because they can make heroes immune to all physical damage for 2 seconds.

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Malefic Roar

Build Moscow
Malefic Roar

If the enemy has a high physical defense item or a tanky hero. This item can lower their physical defense with high Physical penetration.

With this attack item, you can add +60 physical attack and +40 percent physical penetration attribute. Besides that, Malefic Roar is also equipped with a unique passive that can increase physical penetration by 5 percent when you deal damage to enemies.

This hero actually relies on attack speed. So the Moskov build contains different attack speed items. However, as total guide providers, we'll go through different builds for it, try them out, and decide which one is more useful according to your play style.

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Note that none of these are fixed Moskov builds, except for Core items, all items must be purchased according to the game situation and enemy lineup, always try items on your own to find one that suits your gameplay.

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