The Painful Clint Build Item in Mobile Legends, the Land Of Dawn Knight!

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Get the sickest Clint build item in Mobile Legends by reading this post to the end. He can become a Land Of Dawn knight using this item.

Clint is one of the first heroes with whom Mobile Legends started its journey. He went through various changes in his Hero Model as well as his skills received many different versions throughout his years in the Land of Dawn. 

In the recent 1.6.42 patch, Clint got nerfed, the base damage of his first skill Quick Draw was lowered and the cooldown of his second skill Trapping Recoil was increased.

But if we look back at the previous 1.6.26 patch, he got a very big buff in basic attack damage. 

This buff overshadowed the latest nerf and made it a popular choice again even in mythic lobbies. In this Mobile Legends guide, we will look at Clint's most painful build items to dominate every game with Clint.

The Painful Clint Build in Mobile Legends

You can try many sick Clint builds. All one needs to do is follow the enemy's choices and then decide on a role on the battlefield.

We've prepared the following templates to try with Clint on the battlefield. We provide top recommended hurt Clint build to support you through different scenarios, you can use hurt Clint build with sustain or full attack.

Build Attack

Painful Clint Build
  • Magic Shoes: The extra CD from this will help you spam the skill more often.
  • Endless Battle: His passive matches Clint's, so after every skill Clint uses, his next basic attack can trigger the Endless Battle passive and deal true damage. This item also provides a decent amount of Physical Lifesteal.
  • Hunter Strike: Clint's first skill can trigger Hunter Strike's passive and give him a movement speed bonus, this can help chase enemies or escape. This also provides a CD reduction so that the effect of the latest nerf patch on Clint's 2nd skill CD can be minimal.
  • Berserk Fury: Clint can easily provide Critical damage through his passive damage, thanks to his ultimate 5 stacked grenades and also his low CD skill 1.
  • Malific Roar: Reduces the enemy's defensive armor with Physical Penetration, this item can make the overall damage output more effective.
  • Blade of Despair: Provides the most Attack power, it is a must buy for Clint.

Also, in the late game, sell your boot shoes to buy a Thunder Belt or Immortality.

Sustain Build

Painful Clint Build
  • Warrior Boots: Provides small armor in the early game.
  • Endless Battle: As mentioned above, this item suits Clint. Apart from attack, lifesteal, CD reduction also provides a number of HP too.
  • Thunder Belt: Apart from providing physical defense, this passive item can provide true damage through basic attacks after using skills. It also provides CD reduction.
  • Malific Roar: Gives penetration to make the enemy's physical defense less effective.
  • Blade of Despair: By providing a large amount of physical damage, it balances the sustain and attack power for this build.
  • Immortality: Helps you survive longer by giving you a second chance to be on the battlefield instantly.

Also, in the late game, you can sell boots to buy any defense items or select items from the Spare Equipment section of this build.

Emblem Settings

Painful Clint Build

The Assassin Custom Emblem is the best for Clint. This will provide extra Movement Speed as well as Physical Penetration.

For talents, we would recommend using Killing Spree as it restores some HP and provides Movement Speed after getting a kill or you can take High and Dry to gain an advantage during laning, so choose a talent according to the situation.

  • Agility (+3)
  • Invasions (+3) 
  • High and Dry
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You can also use the Custom Marksman emblem for Clint. It can increase Clint's overall attack since this emblem only focuses on increasing Critical damage. So give these emblems a try and find the one that works best for Clint's sickest build.

Battle Spells

Painful Clint Build

Even though Clint's 2nd skill gives him a slide dash, we highly recommend Flicker because it can get you out of a critical situation. You can also use Aegis according to the game order or use Retribution in the case of Jungler Clint.

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That was our guide regarding Clint's sickest build item in Mobile Legends that can make him a knight in the Land of Dawn.

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