Irmnisul Genshin Impact: Definition, Location, Theory, and Speculation

irminsul genshin impact lore theory

This time we will review Irmnisul Genshin Impact. Irminsul is the name of a tree that records all knowledge regarding events and knowledge in Teyvat, the world setting of the game Genshin Impact.

For those of you who have completed the Archon Quest from Sumeru, you must be familiar with the name of this tree.

This is because the Irminsul tree is closely related to the problem that must be solved in the Archon Quest. Apart from that, several events also discussed this legendary tree.

What exactly is this Irminsul tree? This time we will discuss in full the various mysteries regarding Irminsul Genshin Impact along with several theories and speculations circulating among players.

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All About Irmnisul Genshin Impact

Of course you want to know what Irmnisul Genshin Impact is. We will discuss about the definition, location, theory of speculation.

What is Irmnisul Genshin Impact?

irminsul genshin impact inside irminsul interlude quest
Inside of the Irminsul Tree (source: VCGamers)

The Irminsul is a legendary tree in Teyvat, particularly associated with the Sumeru region.

A tree with silver-white branches and leaves that grows deep underground, and is connected to the Ley-Line of the world of Teyvat. 

It is said that Dendro Archon's consciousness is directly connected to the Imrnisul tree itself. Also, the power of the Dendro element is taken from the Irminsul tree.

All events, knowledge, memories, and everything related to the Genshin Impact game world is said to be recorded in the tree. 

No one knows how the Imrnisul system records all these events and how the recording system works, but Irminsul absorbs all events from the roots of the Ley Line.

Information and memories recorded in Irminsul are exclusive to all events and people in that world. 

Thus, people who are not from that world (such as Travelers) will not be recorded in Irminsul's memory.

Knowledge in Irminsul can also be polluted or damaged on purpose. This contamination is closely related to forbidden knowledge that can contaminate trees, including Dendro Archon.

You can see the tampered information in the Interlude Chapter of Archon Quest Sumeru.

Wanderers tampering with his information about himself and removing identities from Wanderer's past as both Kunikuzushi and Scaramouche.

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Location of Irmnisul Genshin Impact

irminsul genshin impact petrified tree domain
Irminsul Branch namely Petrified Tree in the Domain (source: VCGamers)

The position of the Imrnisul tree is still a secret that hasn't been disclosed in the Genshin Impact game.

Dendro Archon that is Nahida once said in one of the dialogues in Archon Quest Sumeru, the Irminsul tree can only be accessed from the subconscious of the chosen party like Dendro Archon.

However, it is most likely that this tree is underground in the Sumeru region. This is because the tree is closely related to Dendro Archon, who leads Sumeru.

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Theory and Speculation

frostbearing tree irminsul genshin impact
Frostbearing Tree (source: VCGamers)

The uniqueness of the Irminsul tree is widely speculated to have an upside down position when viewed from Teyvat. 

Irminsul is connected to Petrified Trees (Domains), Ley Line Blossoms and Ley Line Outcrops in Teyvat. Everything can be revitalized with Original Resin or Condensed Resin.

Irminsul roots also penetrate the surface in certain areas of Teyvat such as the Frostbearing Trees in Dragonspine.

Tighnari stated that the Irminsul tree grew downwards rather than upwards, from a cave deep underground.

The Ley Lines are also described as the roots of Irminsul, where the Ley Lines spread and extend from the cave to the surface.

Judging from the description, which part of the Irminsul tree reaches the surface of Teyvat is thought to be the very tip of the tree's roots. 

Other speculations also say that the Irminsul tree itself is located in or near Khaenriah or the Abyss, considering how an Irminsul branch can be found there like a drop from the Abyss mage namely the Ley Line Branch.

The name Irminsul itself is also similar to the previous king of Khaneriah, namely King Irmin. Irmin was the last king to lead Khaenriah before this country was destroyed by cataclysm.

Apart from that, many events related to Irminsul such as the Energy Amplifier Initiation also discussed the fruit from the fallen Irmnisul tree.

This strengthens Irminsul's upside-down tree theory because usually, branches, roots, and fruit are usually found after falling from or breaking from the tree.

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As the game progresses, knowledge and secrets about Irminsul will surely be revealed little by little.

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