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If you want to communicate with friends, family, partner or others, of course you will use WhatsApp. Usually when using WhatsApp, you will use a mobile device. But did you know that now WhatsApp can also be used on a PC via WA Web?

WA Web itself is a service provided by WhatsApp for those who want to use WA via a computer or laptop without needing to download the application first or just use a browser.

To be able to use WA Web, you only need to connect or log in on your computer or laptop using the QR code provided. 

The method is quite easy, first you just have to visit the website, then the QR code will appear, and all you have to do is scan the QR code using WhatsApp on your cellphone. Easy isn't it?

Apart from that, now you can also use WA Web without using a laptop or computer. And the method you can use is to use WA web from your cellphone.

If you are curious about how to use WhatsApp Web, here is the complete explanation!

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How to Use WhatsApp Web on Mobile

How to Use WhatsApp Web on Mobile
How to Use WhatsApp Web on Mobile. Source: VCGamers

Now you can use WA Web on cellphones, both iOS and Android. Regarding how, here is an explanation: 

How to Access WA Web Using an Android Phone (Chrome)

  • Before you use WhatsApp Web on an Android cellphone, you should first delete the Google Chrome browser history
  • How to delete browser history is very easy, you can click the three dots button at the top right of the screen. Then click the history button and click clear browsing data
  • Next your browser should be in desktop mode. The way to enter the desktop version is to click the three-dot button at the top right of the screen, and activate the desktop site
  • Then you can open the site
  • After opening the site, a QR code will appear
  • Next, you have to open the WhatsApp application on another cellphone and then scan the QR code
  • And you can now use WhatsApp Web on your Android cellphone

How to Access WhatsApp Web Using an iPhone (Safari)

  • First open the Safari browser application
  • Then open the site
  • Next, open the Settings menu
  • Select the Desktop Website version option
  • Once in the desktop version, then use the method for Android earlier to access the WA Web using a QR code scan
  • Use another cellphone to be able to log in
  • And you can now use WA web on your iPhone
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WhatsApp Web Error

WhatsApp Web Error
WhatsApp Web Error. Source: Depor

Anything related to technology will definitely experience problems when you want to access it, the same goes for WA Web. And to resolve the error you encounter, you can resolve it in the following way: 

Check for Updates on the Browser

Here's how to check for updates in the browser:

  • 1.Click the menu icon in the upper right corner of the browser
  • Then click Help and select About Google Chrome
  • Then wait for the browser to finish automatically checking for updates
  • If there is an update, then you have to update

Removing Browser Cookies

Here's how to delete browser cookies:

  • Open a browser
  • Then click the menu icon in the upper right corner of the browser
  • Then you select other tools, then Clear browsing data
  • Select the Basic tab, then choose a Time range from the menu
  • Check options for Browsing history, Cookies and other site data, Cached images and files
  • Finally click the Clear data button
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So, that's our discussion this time regarding WA Web. Hopefully this article can be useful for you in the future.

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