How to Use NFC iPhone 13

NFC iPhone 13

NFC or Near Field Communication is a short-range communication technology that allows electronic devices to connect to each other wirelessly. Unfortunately, there are still many users who don't know how to use NFC iPhone 13.

This technology is widely used for various purposes, such as digital payments, file sharing, and device unlocking.

iPhone 13 is equipped with the NFC feature, so users can use this technology for various purposes. Here is how to use it.

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How to Use NFC iPhone 13

iPhone 13
iPhone 13.(Source: YouTube/iBox Indonesia)

NFC is technology which is safe to use. Data sent through this feature is protected by encryption.

However, you still have to be careful when using it, especially when sharing files with other people.

The first step that must be taken is to activate the NFC feature on iPhone 13. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Settings application;
  2. Tap Control Center;
  3. Tap Add Controls;
  4. Find and tap NFC Tag Reader;
  5. Tap Done.

Once activated, the NFC icon will appear in Control Center. By following the steps above, you can activate NFC.

You can use the NFC feature for various purposes, such as digital payments, sharing files, and unlocking devices.

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Benefits of iPhone NFC

notch iphone 13
iPhone illustration. Source: YouTube.

Not many people know that this feature has many benefits that can be obtained. Here is an example.


One of the most common uses of NFC is for digital payments. To use it for payments, follow these steps:

  1. Open the digital wallet application that you use;
  2. Attach iPhone 13 to an NFC-compatible payment terminal;
  3. Wait until the transaction is successful;
  4. Done.

File Sharing

This feature can also be used to share files with other compatible devices. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Open the file you want to share;
  2. Tap “Share”;
  3. Select NFC;
  4. Attach iPhone 13 to the receiving device;
  5. Done.

Unlocking the Device

Some devices can be unlocked by using it. To use it to unlock your device, follow these steps:

  1. Turn on the Touch ID or Face ID feature on the device;
  2. Attach iPhone 13 to the device you want to unlock;
  3. The device will be unlocked.

Apart from the functions above, NFC can also be used for various other purposes, such as:

  • Register for events or services;
  • Adding a card to Apple Wallet;
  • Transferring data;
  • Activate device features.
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Tips for Using NFC iPhone 13

iPhone 2023 prices
iPhone 13. Source: YouTube/iBox Indonesia

The following are some tips for using it:

  • Make sure your iPhone 13 has iOS 13 or later. NFC is only available on iPhone devices running iOS 13 or later.
  • Make sure the device you use to make transactions or share files is also compatible with NFC.
  • Make sure the distance between iPhone 13 and other NFC-compatible devices is no more than 4 cm.
  • Use a digital wallet application that supports it. To make payments, you need to use a digital wallet application. Several digital wallet applications that support this feature include Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.

NFC is very useful and can be used for various purposes. By knowing how to use it, you can take advantage of this feature to make your daily activities easier.

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