How to Play the Marvel Snap Game for Beginners, Write This Down!


MarvelSnap Becomes most played games people now because this game has an exciting gameplay. Marvel Snap itself is the fastest card game, even though the gameplay is simple and easy, but don't let that trick you because you can get lost in your opponent's strategy. 

Also, in this game, there are more than 150 heroes and villains in the Marvel universe. For those who like superhero characters such as Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and others, it is important to try this game.

In the game you will be able to defeat enemies in strategy games, this game will make your mind and strategy sharper.

For that, in this discussion, VCGamers will tell you the tricks that you need to know in the Marvel Snap game. This trick can help you beat the game easily.

Tips for Playing Marvel Snap  

Marvel Snap doesn't use a motor system at all, so thinking ability will be key in this game, you need to make the right plan to win the game. In short, this game can be like a chess game that requires planning and analyzing your opponent's moves.

Level Up Cards 


The easiest way to get new cards is to play and use your wins to improve your deck. The higher the level of card collection, the more control you have during the game. 

The more games you play, the less resources you will find at the start of the game. But the map that you will get is also very good, a map where you can see character pictures.

Don't Be Afraid To Come Back 


In competition, you will not always be able to get a good position or be able to win the game. Sometimes, there are times when the opponent you face is superior and dominates the game.

In this case, you can choose to withdraw only if your opponent's position is good and has a high potential to win the game.

Don't hesitate to come back, it's better if you lose 1 cube than go forward and you can lose 2 cubes if you lose again.

Understand Missions And Tasks In Game 

Play the Marvel Snap game

Many players try to earn money by playing. But you know that there are gifts every day to look out for. You can complete daily tasks to earn extra money to increase your card collection.

In the Marvel Snap game, you must have often encountered “Tip of the Day” and I'm sure many of you have missed it. Although reading in-game tips is important. It never hurts to find out more about the game, because the information provided can be useful when playing.

Each game, around 40 percent can mean a lot of tips. For example, as of this writing, the place that shows up every day is “Bar Sinister”, something that will be filled with whatever you play there.

While there's no guarantee that the panel prompts will appear, you can build a deck that takes into account everything that will come out of the game. 

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Understand Basic Passive Systems And Game Points

Marvel Snap's newest game

When you know how to win in this game, you only need to pay attention to two things to understand the Marvel Snap process, namely power (blue icon) and power (golden yellow icon).

With each spin will get energy for the number of rounds. So in the first round you will get 1 energy, while in the 6th round you will get 6 energy.

For this you will be able to increase energy as much as possible. Some of the cards you have will be able to do something every time you play them.

Passive can be useful for you depending on the situation and circumstances at hand. It's not just cards that are skipped, each slot also has slots that can be connected to cards to get points.

If you ignore these two things, don't expect to win the game. Therefore, read and pay attention to everything that has a map and available space. Don't let yourself lose cards.

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That's all the discussion about tips on playing Marvel Snap for beginners which hopefully can help all of the Vicigers friends. Don't forget to top up the game only at VCGamers!

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